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From your photo editor search for photo, or graphic...don't open yet. Right click on file, Properties, highlight file name, Right Click on highlighted file name, Select All, Right Click on file name again, Copy. This makes sure you have the file name correct for Pasting in your code.
Then open the file with the editor, and note the width, and height, which in this case is 400x269.


Very plain...what? Finally, we can graduate up to those pro-sites that add nice Drop Shadows...not the solid gray type like in Adobe Photo Deluxe Business Edition which I got with the computer, but gradient black shadows.
We can do that with the photo above as it is, but I'm impressed with the beveled photos I've seen on spiffy pages. So...we will go to step two, and do that...bevel it.


This application came with a cheap scanner a friend bought, and who gave me the CD. At first I didn't want it figuring what more could it do over Adobe, and almost threw it away. Eventually I installed it, but never used it...until now.
Now open PhotoImpact, and get the file. Click on the Menu named "Web", select "Button Designer", then select "Any Shape". You will see a box showing the original, and after original views. The default settings seem wrong to me, so I made the Light Angle SE ( 135 ), and Light Elevation 45. I left the other settings alone, Previewed it, Clicked OK, Clicked on File, Save As, and did just that as number 2 ( just added "2" in the file name ) in .jpg form...same as the original is.
Bing Bong - Warning box saying there may be some loss if I do this...I ignored it.


Very nice...something I had always wanted to do, but left up to the big boys, after all, my home pages aren't anything special...I don't make money on them...that's for sure.
However, it sure breaks the monotomy. I'm sure I'm doing the lighting wrong, but I'm assuming the graphic is on a piece of tin, and beveled...not a prism, so as the normal lighting goes, with the source to the upper left, this should be is for me.
Now for the ever elusive gradient filled Drop Shadow...using again, PhotoImpact...the almost thrown out program/CD.
Copy the beveled photo left on the screen.


When I made the transition from DOS to Windows, I chucked Windows, and went back to was, to me, faster, and simpler. Needless to say, if I wanted to use the new programs/applications coming out, I had to re-install Windows. That was way back when...back in the last millenium actually, and even today I am still learning new things with Windows...really. I'm from the old stupid school of "When all else fails, read the instructions." So it figures! I have also learned, that just because a Tool, or Menu doesn't show a doesn't mean it's not there.
Frustrated that all I can do for Drop Shadows is use what Adobe offers, when I see all these lovely things on other peoples' pages...especially the professional business sites, I began a search using Google on drop shadows photoimpact. I wouldn't have had to do this if the programmers, or designers of the application stuck everything on the Menu bar, but they don't, and if you want to see anything mentioning the word "shadow" you have to open a New file, and Paste something into it.
When you do, you will be asked what size you want. I added 100 pixels to the size of the photos width, and height, and clicked Okay, and then pasted in the image I copied.
Leaving the dashed lines around the image, Click on the Menu - "Web" you will see something mentioning shadows - Object Shadow Designer, to be precise...Click on that.
Up comes a dialogue box giving various selections, and already showing a shadow on your precious graphic. Happy with the default settings - the shadow on the right, and bottom, I Clicked Okay.
The nice person who led me to this magic, said to Click on Crop. That can't be done according to a warning sign...says there's multiple objects. So you wonder what to do with this graphic with dashed lines around it. I found out, you can eliminate these double dashed lines by clicking on the screen, thus removing both, and then drawing your own dashed line around the whole thing...then crop will work, but I didn't do this.
Just Click on "File", and "Save As"...yes...Save As, with all the dotted lines flashing around it. I saved it as a .jpg, adding a "3" anywheres in the file name.
Ding Dong - that warning sign saying something about objects...I ignored it.
Bing Bong - another warning sign about saving lossy files, and changing image data...I ignored this too.

There you have it. Using my favorite graphics editor - an old shareware Beta of LViewPro, I cropped it out, making it smaller.
Not bad for a retired seaman. I like the effect of seeminly floating above the page...adds a touch of class.
Before we leave, let's put a Drop Shadow on the plain photo...the one in the first step.


We start by opening PhotoImpact, and opening the first photo, and copying it.
Then we dispatch that file by Clicking on the big X.
Now we open a New File, resize the screen this time by adding 50 pixels to the height, and width of the photo...we're getting better at this.
Paste in the photo "as an object" this time, center the photo in the field.
Click on the menu - "Web", then Object Shadow Designer.
On the Shadow Designer box, Click on Okay...the default settings are perfect for us.
Click on File, then Save As, and do that...adding 4 anywhere's in the file name.
Ignoring the warning pop-ups, you got it...another winner.


Thanks to Dick, who just bought the car, and took the photo himself with his trusty old Kodak 260 Digitalis Camera.


To make the shadowed text seen at the top of this page, open PhotoImpact, Click on File, New, choose size, Click "T" on tool bar to left, choose font, size, style, and "2D Object" from Mode from menus above, place cursor in field, Left Click mouse, and see Text Entry box pop up.
Type in the Text Entry box the text you want, and Click Okay.
Right Click on the jiggly text in the field, and Click Add Shadow.
Sometimes you don't even have to click on the jiggly comes out already shadowed. However, when doing many words like the spiel below, you can only load so many words at a time. What I did was to type in the whole spiel, and click Okay. Then I'd highlight all of it, and copy it. See what was transferred from the Text Entry Box, and then paste into the Text Entry Box what I had copied, and then starting from the beginning of the spiel, delete all that was transferred, and hit Okay again. Then with a photo editor of choosing, after it's saved, cut, fit, and paste it all together...resize, and save.
Clik on File, and file, choose jpg, ignore all warning signs, and it's done.
As with the Drop Shadows for photos above, a little resizing is necessary.


Whistles, Gun Shots
Boings, And Voices

This page will be used as a repository for fun type hyper-links using graphics, some animated, and with sound. The black italicized text are links incorporating sound...try this one: mouse over, meaning they sound when you pass the mouse over them...and then clicking the mouse, activates them...they work, and take you places, in which case, please Click your "Back" button to return...if you want to.
THERE'S NO HURRY TO CLICKING THE MOUSE. You may, in some cases, not want to click the mouse too soon, and may want to see the animated graphic run its course, or hear the full length of the sound portion. These features are fun features only used where time is of no concern.
Also note the question mark, and yellow dialoque box that appears...this is another feature, though redundant in some cases, that gives information about the link.
Check out the Source can copy, and paste from'll figure it out.
Check out the navigation buttons when you leave...they have voice sounds too.

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