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Monday 31 January 2000 - Published Weakly
Serving members of the Monday Morning Mariners Meeting
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In spite of heavy overcast, and chilly drizzle, seven staunch members showed up for today's MMMM: Bill V., Dick, Earl, Dennis, Gene Si., Ed, and Carl. Carl, being chauffered by Ed, found his heave-around in place, thanks to our dedicated waitress/friend Dianne, and Gene, Dick, and Dennis already seated. The place had a lively atmosphere at the outset, there being a few patrons at their tables, with more to come. It is apparent that a reduction in price does bring in customers.
Conspicously absent was Bobbi, who, by official notification via email, said she expected company, and wouldn't show. We'll accept that. All hands looked well, and in good spirits.

Capn Ed complained of feeling a chill coming in under the exit door behind him, but forgot about it once conversation got flowing. Dick, and Gene contested a new page Carl had incorporated in their Radio Club Home Page dedicated to Quarter Century Wireless operators, but dropped it after Carl played dumb. No show, and tell today, as no photos were taken last week. There will be none next week either for the same reason. Not heard this session was any discussion on armorments, though Bill V. almost started one on assassination of public figures, and the role of the government in such things, but that fizzled. Carl is looking for a photo of the USNS REDBUD, but no one could help in that area either. The meeting adjourned on schedule 1300, all hands dispersing in the rain.


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