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Monday 21 February 2000 - Published Weakly
Serving members of the Monday Morning Mariners Meeting
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Another beautiful greeting from our hostess - Diane. All hands being in place on time with the exception of Capn Ed, who, as planned, makes a late grand entrance so as to be noticed. Attending this auspicious day - some kind of holiday commemorating past presidents, but known to most of us as George Washington's Birthday - was Bill V., Dick, Earl, Bill Q., Gene Si., Ed, Bobbi, and Carl. Once again Dick had Carl photograph Dianes work of art - Four Fags on a Cup Cake. Though not really macro-photography, Dick's Kodak Digitalis 260 Camera does a great job, but adjustments for parallax error must be estimated by guess, and the photographer is getting pretty good at it now. These photographic exercises are getting to be part of our start-up regimen, so let's hope Diane keeps them coming. It's hard to be a one man band, remembering all that was said at the meeting, so, here's some email input by Dick, and Bobbi post-meeting:

Diane...the cupcakes were great........of course, Dickie boy kept stealing them off my plate every time I turned away!

Oh! Was that YOUR plate, Bobbi? Gee, if I had known, I would have asked before taking the goodies! I thought the flags were cute and I have forwarded a pix of them to Carlos who, I am sure, will find a place on a web site to show it off!

...our reception was can see part of the best man in the mirror..........he did manage to get his picture afterall! i should have send my pants out to the laundry for a press know how these wash and wear things are.......... Bobbi

Yes, Carlos, often manages to get into the pix he takes... He must have gone to aggressive modeling school... He is a very good photographer and I fail to understand why he is always giving me credit as the photographer as he takes most of them! I, for one, don't mind the wrinkled pants... That indicates and active, well adjusted wearer! Anyways, don't you iron your own?



Here is pix of Bobbi and that good lookin' guy hovering over the wedding cake. Some GREAT reception! Carlos, you can use as you see fit (NATURALLY!)....Had a great time at MMMM today! Thanks to you two and the others....Nice having the table of tourists so close!


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The meeting adjourned on schedule, all hands scattering abroad, searching the wide expanses of the Holiday Inn parking lots for their respective cars. The place was jam packed with cars this day...the mystery was where all the people were. We're used to having the parking lot to ourselves. Oh well...let's hope next week will be different. Is there a holdiay next week too?


The Monday Morning Mariners' Meeting

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