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note.gif "Ain't We Got Fun"

Monday 28 February 2000 - Published Weakly
Serving members of the Monday Morning Mariners Meeting
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The Monday Morning Mariners' Meeting - M&Ms Everywhere


It was not without alot of thought, and effort that Diane fashioned the letter "M" using M&M candies positioned on a napkin, and placed at each setting. Though we had taken several photos of this art-work, showing multiple "M"s, the simplest, and orginal prevailed in that that's how each member was greeted by this treat. It was evident that Diane's artistry, and thoughtfulness did not go unappreciated as it was quite a while before all the candy was consumed, or donated to Dick to take home with him.


With all the ooh'n, and aaah'n, over the candy over, and the chompin of same subsided, it was suggested that each member take notes, or minutes of the meeting as heard by them. So far, two members have come forth - Earl, and Dick. Since Earl about covered all of what Dick reports, here's Dick's report:


Notes taken by your high-paid secretary:

Present - Dennis, Gene, Ed, Carl, Earl, Bill V, and me...

Idea floated to rent MMMM members so more subjects are available for pix!

Earl expounds on the attributes of poisonous snakes (Mojave Green, for one)..

Diane needs old scanner - now wouldn't a new one be even better?


Taking pix of M&Ms --- prepared by D

Earl & Dick gobbling up those MM's


Gene sync's his computers so they go West at same time

Gene passes his preferences re brands of PC's


Ed carefully exames the ATS book - He insists Carl's PC is NG!


Switching to Mindspring? Tell them SLOWBELL sent you.



Bill V. sits across from Carl, and on Dick's right. Since aquiring a PC. Bill is more into asking questions about PCs, than expounding on politics, armorments, snakes, or even women. He does take a good picture though.


Dennis sits at the far end, more or less in "no man's land", but does catch most of the conversation at that end, especially all the valuable information given out by Earl, and Gene.

Meeting breaks up a little after 1300...

Das ist allus.....

Sorry pix of Carl, and Earl this time.


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Ed's Note:
So...there we have it, a joint effort by Dick, and Earl to supply the minutes of this meeting. We can glean from the above that the conversation was mostly about snakes, mysterious PCs crashing in unison, Ed's condemnation of Carl's equipment, Diane's need for scanner - anyone out there with one they don't need, please let us know, who the quiet ones are, and who attended. Presumably it was Bill V., Dick, Earl, Dennis, Gene Si., Ed, and Carl. One thing that did register with this listener was that Gene really would prefer a lap top to a desk top PC. When queried about the cost for one of his liking he answered with" "Four Grand.' "Rots of Ruck Gene.' We broke up on schedule, all dispersing enmasse, Dick off to buy "ripe" bananas at Publix, Ed chauffering his favorite Captain home. We really do have a blast...please join us.


Looked somewhat cloudy, possible rain showers, so instead Carl getting him and his jeep wet, Ed called saying to expect a picku up after hair cut at Carlos barbershop,(not Carlos Friberg). On Arrival barbershop a cusdtomer was already in the chair. Ed made the mistake of asking how are things, whereupon Carlos stopped cutting to talk. Ed saw it was futile to wait for a hair cut & pick up Carl on time, so saying I'll beback Ed left For Carls. On arrival Carl was awaiting getting the last puff before boarding the Jimmy. It is really nice the two riding together as they talk over old times & about friend & foe. O/A 1125 arrived Capts Grill, Cocoa Beach. Much outside repairs underway, closing off the front entrance. Ed took Carl by the hand leading thru the maze finding an entrance into the bar. Fortunately the bar was closed otherwise Ed would have lost Carl there. Gene, Earl, Dick already there headed for the tables set aside for MMMM by Diane. Diane had decorated each setting with M&Ms shaped in the letter "M" as she declared it as M&M day. Diane is cute in all ways, tending over MMMM as her own. Bill V. & Dennis sauntered in a few minutes later. Dick collected all the M&Ms put them in his pocket. The menu beef & barley soup, chowder, salad in all varieties, severaql veggies, ham, fish, topped with chocolate cake which I think Gene went back for more, Ed passing it up with much effort, trying to lose a few pounds in a futile exercise. Carl's heave around was at the ready which he hoisted even before he was comfortably seated. Carl got right on Dick about systems of PC, Dick of course has all wondering as he has something new each time we see him. Gene telling all both PC's crashed at the same time, all taking time for a moment of silence. Ed reminded Gene if help is needed with PC problems, don't hesitate to call on him at any time. It must be said here, that Gene treated Ed with utmost respect, not the usual looking down the nose in a haughty manner. Carl kept on mumbling away, no one paying attention, especially Dick who surely turns down the hearing aid. Ed made the remark about seeing a program about snakes,saying of esperiencing at least 5 species of snakes in his yard. Earl went into a long dissertation of snakes, showing a grea knowledge of the slimey crawlers. Dennis sitting next to Earl started showing signs of something crawling about him as he slithered about in his seat. Ed wore his Greek (authentic) hat, Carl could not help himself, took pictures, of course all are aware what a handsome Adonis Ed is. Dick laughed all the time pretending he was hearing all. Earl hollered in his lt ear many times. Bill only drank coffee, nothing to eat, took off early, all thinking he has secret place he keeps to himself. Carl rec'd email from some one looking for info on ATS days, Dennis & Ed are ATS vets should be able to come up with info. The gathering broke up about 1330, Ed again leading Carl, now with a hefty load of heave arounds, thru the maze to exit and to the Jimmy. Drive home was uneventful, dropping Carl off, stopping, getting hair cut, heading home


The Monday Morning Mariners' Meeting

The MMMM meets at 1130 every monday in the Captains Grill at the Holiday Inn in Cocoa Beach Florida, and is open to all - mariner or not. All are welcome who have a need for telling sea-stories, good company, and good food. There are no formalities, nor membership requirements. Take nothing seriously, nor believe anything you hear. Seating is by tenure, especially the chair nearest the bulkhead facing inboard. The meeting adjourns around 1300 for no reason whatsoever.
Your newsletter, Balmy Breezers, is published by, and for members of the MMMM on a weakly basis. This publication exists to inform, and entertain those interested in keeping abreast of the latest scuttlebutt.
Articles contained herein may be reprinted by other publications provided definitive written credit is given.
The mail address is as shown in the masthead. Delivery is by Internet shortly after each meeting.
Members are urged to submit material to the editor for inclusion in this newsletter, otherwise it will fizzle out toot-sweet.

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