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Monday 6 March 2000 - Published Weakly
Serving members of the Monday Morning Mariners Meeting
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How Sweet It Is...

The following is as reported by Captain Ed...un-edited, and in his own words:

O/A 1200 Ed arrived table side, Captains Grill to find 8 MMMM's in utter chaos, waitress Diane dishelved due to Ed's not arriving at the usual 1100, as well as the profound decision to remove an extra chair from outboard side of table. Ed's presence as usual brought calm & serenity as well as soothing Diane. Earl seemed more affected as he cannot think right when Ed is not on the scene. The faces of Bill V. Bill Q. Gene Sp, Gene Si, Carl, Gary, Earl,Dick, looked upon Ed with with awe & reverence, whereupon the session got underway. Carl, gripping his heave around with loving care, knowing his friend of yore, Ed will take care of him as he has for many years, started in about the dammn PC, saying his system was the best, the others still in the dark ages. Hell, Gene didnn't know about attachments, looking at Ed with askance. Ed adroitly turned it to Carl to continue trying to educate all in the good & bad. Earl chimed in with rec DDL from Stan W. of course no one knew what It meant, although Gene feebly gave it a try. Bill V. queried as to addressing multiples, with Carl explaining, both Genes & Earl trying to understand. Ed, of course an expert held his tongue so as not to show off. Gary letting all know about his player piano, which doesnt work, & 250 rolls. Ed offered to buy for a few dollars to get off his hands, to no avail. Gary also gave all a blow by blow description of the cruise he & wife Mary went on, Mary by the way a fine lass, putting up with Gary. BillV & Dick getting into it over senior cititzenery, no doubt all knows who was the senior.
Continued below left.

Sugar Sugar

Ed's Report Continued
Bill pointed to the bald head of Dick to press his point. Again poor Gene Si was distressed as he did not know how to send picture via e-mail, again Carl patiently explained with Ed cooly as a back up. Ed recited two sailor jokes for the two Genes, getting a laugh from the usual stolid two. Gene Sp recalled an shipmate of a long time ago which was familiar to Ed. It's a pleasure to bring up the past in sea stories once in awhile. The conversation nowadays is mostly about damn PCs. Three things happened to the world for the worst, computers, TV, & panty hose.. Earl was sighted running about very agitated, turns out no chocolate cake on the serving table, a capital sin to the MMMM. Yellow cake tasting good covered with heaping whipped cream sort of consoled all by Diane. Dick had to be different as he had two marchino cherries toppped. Guess Diane felt bad for Dick as she bawled him out for dropping crumbs, making a mess under his area. Dick refuses to turn up his hearing aid, misses a lot of goings on. Bill V sneaked out early, to, wonder where. Earl is going to Daytona to get mixed up with the bikers, some say 250,000, not the place for a sane man. BillQ had not much to say. The food wasn't to bad, the dining room about half occupied. The session broke about 1300, Ed taking Carl home, Stopped By the office and the office of The Space Coast, introducing him to senior editor and staff. It appeears the reunion will be held in New Orleans 8,9,10 Sept. Picnic at Kelly Park 22 May



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Editor's Note:
Please forward all comments to Captain Ed. The Editor hasn't read all of this yet, and is not responsible for its content.


The Monday Morning Mariners' Meeting

The MMMM meets at 1130 every monday in the Captains Grill at the Holiday Inn in Cocoa Beach Florida, and is open to all - mariner or not. All are welcome who have a need for telling sea-stories, good company, and good food. There are no formalities, nor membership requirements. Take nothing seriously, nor believe anything you hear. Seating is by tenure, especially the chair nearest the bulkhead facing inboard. The meeting adjourns around 1300 for no reason whatsoever.
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