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Monday 13 March 2000 - Published Weakly
Serving members of the Monday Morning Mariners Meeting
Direct Correspondence to the chair at the bkhd - outboard, or email
It's a BOY!

Great Grand Dad

Standing, and calling the meeting to order, Gene, with great jubilation, announced he had just become the great grand dad of a baby boy. No details other than that at the momemt, but we expect some after Gene flies to up-state New York on Thursday. Hopefully, he will update us via email, and possibly some photos. Being Gene didn't have any cigars handy, he treated all of us to lunch. Thanks Gene, but let that be a lesson to all of's cheaper to keep some cigars handy.


Hey Fude

Hey Fude...... don't make it bad Take a sad meal and make it better Remember to sip on your martini then you can start to make it better...

Gone Crackers

It was decided, that since they have photographed everyone that attends the MMMM too many times, they would photograph each member's food selection. Sounding like fun, and that's what their meetings are all about- fun, Balmy Breezers presents this collection as requested. It is of our opinion, that after processing, and viewing these photos, exibiting them here in the newsletter certainly isn't going to encourage any new membership. Ed.

Dick's selection

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Capn Ed's Salad

Capn Ed's main selection
Ed is dieting.


Photo by Richard Isom.
Richard is a neighbor of Carlos, and has contributed his magnificent photos to the Balmy Breezers before. This is a recent photo, and we know some of our readers will cherish it.
We do hope Richard doesn't mind this grand photo being displayed amongst all this food, but the page did need something of genuine interest.
Thanks Richard.


Switching to Mindspring? Tell them SLOWBELL sent you.

More Fude

Ed's Desert

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Soup, and Sanwich
Ala Carlos

It's Good!

The buffet at the Holiday Inn's "Captain's Grill" is good. There is a good selection, usually three different entres. The salad bar is superb, as is the Cold Cuts, and Sandwich Bar. The Desert Section, though at one time having featured an Ice Cream Machine, with all the fixin's, is now pastries, ( cake ) and puddings, but also good.
The price is certainly "RIGHT".

Spartan Earl's main selection
Now, either Earl is dieting, or his opinion of the fare may at times differ from the above compliment.


Please be mindful of the fact that this is a buffet. How these MMMMers slap down their selections on their plates cannot be blamed on the establishment.

SPLAT - Gene's Desert

Our favorite hostess after a Soup, and Sandwich Ala Carlos


It is Tuesday Noon, and no minutes from Capn Ed - the Official Minutes Keeper, so...we will try to re-cap yesterday's important facts. The weather was superb - sunny, and warm. All members seemed to be in apparent good health, and of a cheerful usual. Earl held his scheduled Show And Tell, passing around his professionally printed copies of past NewsBriefs, and Email that contained pictures, and graphics - the latest favorite being "The Blob". Attending was Bill V., Dick, Earl, Gary, Gene Si., Bobbi, Ed, Bill Z., and Carl. Things really cheered up when, after announcing his new great grand son to the group, Gene Si. volunteered to foot the tab for all. Let's hope this happens more often, it's great for morale.
The meeting broke up a little past the scheduled 1300, with all hands beating it before Gene changed his mind.
Unil next time: Take it on a slowbell!



Balmy Breezers Claims No Part In The Following:

Mon morn after a strenous weekend of riding across the lawn with his John Deere and navigating the Indian River on his cabin cruiser, Ed was on the PC, on game 16,522 out of 32,000 free cell combos, the air was shattered with the shrill sound of the telephone O/A 0930.
Carl with plaintive voice, "oh hi Ed" continuing with how Ed was doing, wondering if Ed was going to attend MMMM. Ed answered in the affirmitive, sayin he would pick Carl up to drive him in. Carl's voice rose to falsetto plainly relieved knowing that several heave arounds were on the horizon.
Ed drove up to Carl's house shortly after 1100 finding Carl pacing the driveway cigarette in in a cloud of smoke. The smoke clearing, Carl finding handle, boarded Ed's Jimmy. On the way to Capt's Grill, they discussed the engineers & radio operators, a necessayer evil, which both could have done their job as well as being the capt.
O/A 1135 arrived Capt's Grill finding Gary, Earl, Bill V, Dick sitting at the decorated table, in green bows & candy which Diane so lovelying for her charges. As usual Carl hardly seated, had a heave around in his hand with a large gulp. By the way the green was for upcoming St. Pats Day.
Gene arrived a few minutes late, standing at head of table,demanded alls attention, whereupon announced he is great grandfather, a bouncing boy 8lb10oz, also saying all the lunches are on him in lieu of the usual cigar. Earl got so excited over a free meal he almost spilled his soup. Bobbi arrived a few minutes later, Carl wanting her to sit next to him. Ed would not give up the chair supporting his leg so Bobbi settled on other side of Ed.
The political subject came up Carl & Ed predicting Gore will win, Earl opposing saying there is to much money & high influence in Bush's camp. Ed conducted a straw vote, showing Bush 5 to 3 favored over Gore. Let it be known Ed is totally in favor of Bush. The White House has to return to class & integerty.
Carl kidding Gene about belonging to GARC Gay Amateur Radio Club, Gene as Pres. Bobbi announced her 26 ft sailboat was for sale, which Ed remembered it was for sale 15 yrs ago.
The subject of gambling came up, Earl claiming Las Vegas & all gambling boats were cheats Carl abruptly hollering for Diane to bring another heave aroundn needed much to assist him in putting up with the gang, as if he needed an excuse, of course all tolerated his outburst seeing him fondling his glass. Further proof what a great service Ed is doing chauferring him around. Thank goodness there's only one meeting a week or he would be soused.
About an hour into the meeting bosun Bill Z walked in, chairs had to be moved so he could get bulk in & around the table. Bill made the announcement the MSC Retirees reunion will be held in New Oeleans Sept 8,9,10. Hopefully this will be the last change.
Gary who was 3rd class fireman on USS Enterprise, navy aircraft carrier, told how he commanded the vessel. The vessel is still afloat. Gary also gave all a blow by blow account of Playalinda beach, its nudies etc.
Carl & Earl got into an argument over gold in Fort Knox, Earl sayin none Carl otherwise. Who the heck cares. Again Carl pleaded with Diane to hurry up with another heave around to keep up his strength keeping Earl properly informed.
Interestingly Carl came up with a sea story telling of a nurse on the Redstone flashing a helicopter hovering over the vessel When MMMM (Monday Morning Mariners Meeting) started it was all sea stories now its about the dam Pc and other sundries.
Throughout the variety of subjects Dick tried to laugh & cry at the right time, which of course was difficult because he wont amplify the hearing aids.
To show how things deteriorate, Carl took pictures of all the plates of food consumed. Ed had a problem as it was always his picture every one wanted to take. The group will be sorry when a plate of food comes up on internet instead of handsome Ed. Incidentally hardly anyone took notice of Ed sans beard & mustache.
The meeting finally closed later than usual, as it seemed all was reluctant to say goodbye and get underway.
All give it hell, have faith, be happy

The Monday Morning Mariners' Meeting

The MMMM meets at 1130 every monday in the Captains Grill at the Holiday Inn in Cocoa Beach Florida, and is open to all - mariner or not. All are welcome who have a need for telling sea-stories, good company, and good food. There are no formalities, nor membership requirements. Take nothing seriously, nor believe anything you hear. Seating is by tenure, especially the chair nearest the bulkhead facing inboard. The meeting adjourns around 1300 for no reason whatsoever.
Your newsletter, Balmy Breezers, is published by, and for members of the MMMM on a weakly basis. This publication exists to inform, and entertain those interested in keeping abreast of the latest scuttlebutt.
Articles contained herein may be reprinted by other publications provided definitive written credit is given.
The mail address is as shown in the masthead. Delivery is by Internet shortly after each meeting.
Members are urged to submit material to the editor for inclusion in this newsletter, otherwise it will fizzle out toot-sweet.

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