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Monday 10 April 2000 - Published Weakly
Serving members of the Monday Morning Mariners Meeting
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Ed had told Carl he would pick him up the day before. O/A 1105 Ed pulled into Carl's driveway, Carl as usual pacing, cigerette in hand, a cloud of smoke trailing. His beautiful wife also there. Then requested I drop Greta off at the caddy shop, no, not the golf course. It seems she had battery trouble. Ed, of course was more than happy to oblige, so both boarded the Jimmy and off we go. Few moments later, stopping at at red light close to her destination, Greta jumps out, Ed & Carl continues on to Cocoa Beach.
1122 arrival at Captain,s Grill, Earl awaiting patiently, his face lighting up seeing his mentor, Ed. Carl bounds out of vehicle making a beeline for his first heave around. Lo & behold on entering front door came upon Diane feverishly trying to unlock, open bar door, hoping to get the glass at the table before the sitting of Carl. She didn't quite make it, but Carl's attention diverted as Dick walked in, mentioned Disney canceled his program because his nickname - Dick was considered porno. Carl,s hand automatically open, the glass slipped in smoothly, the first gulp, Carl had full control of his faculties. Carl & Dick went into tirade over the situation.
Bill V. & Gene Si sauntered in, Gene with a fistful of baby pictures. It,s a wonder the baby didn,t have eye trouble with all camera flashes. The baby is cute, definitely no likeness to his great grandfather, thank goodness. Earl also showed pictures taken off the internet, one of Ed, which of course, glowed, all saying what a handsome person. Ed just has it, but is very modest about it
Carl & Dick harshley reprimanded Gene for his poor communications while up north in Brooklyn. Ed protecting Gene calms the situation. Gene also showed pictures of the new pier being built at 69th St in Brooklyn.
Gary, ambled in late by 10-15 min, stopping to gaze at the females at the tables, and at the pool, took all of 5 min to get table side. Gary sitting telling all about buying $1500 worth of hobby train tracks. He just wont grow up..Gary's Lego & train sets are unbelievable, wife Mary has to put up with a lot.
Carl & Dick started arguing again about PC systems, no one pays attention to the two any more. Ed got Dick's attention, kicking him in the knee, putting a dirty spot. Dick suggested Ed take off the leg, prop it up in the corner, no feelings at all.
Bill finally opened up, telling of his boyhood days in Pittsburgh, eating lots of liver, and blood pudding which Dick also had, UGH. Ed told of a foster gramdfather who would bathe in bull,s blood. He lived to 105 years. Bill slinked off early, probably to try to find bulls blood.
About 30 min later in walks Shirley Lanni, sitting between Carl & Ed. Ed & Shirley spent a few days at their place on the beach, just up the road from the Grill. The place is usually rented during the winter months, otherwise it is used by the family & friends. The welcome mat is out when the place is available.
Earl & Ed conversed about boats & planes as to their construction, use, military & civilian, Gene getting into the conversation, mentioning the recent air accident killing 19 marines.
Carl had Shirley pose for apicture, am sure it will appear on the internet. Shirley left early, having had something to eat. On the way out she stopped, patted Gary on the belly, telling him he,s getting fat. Took Gary full 30 min to calm down.
A good subject came during the lunch, the honey wagons in Korea...I am sure all know that human waste is used for fertilizer over there.
Food was good, green pea & chicken rice soups, salads, beef, meatloaf, spaghetti w/sauce,scallops, variety of veggies topped off with chocolate or white cake, washed down with coffee, coke, Vodka by Carl. All broke up, going their separate ways.
I am leaving 0600 tomorrow for Hilton Head to pick up the Sea Cat. The owner picked it up here in Cocoa. On the way north one engine conked, also pump trouble. Owner left it in Hilton Head in disgust, wants it back in Ft Lauderdale, turned over to a broker, get rid of it. Paid almost $400.000 and have no idea what the shipping cost from Australia. Expect get underway PM tomorrow, stop St Simon Is for the night, underway AM Wed, stop here in Cocoa for the night, thence on to destination arriving late Thur.
Have faith, Be happy.

Captain Ed - Secretary

Capn Ed in his favorite Greek Skipper's cap. Ed is author of the MMMM minutes.

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Shirley Drops In

Shirley S. Ingram-Lanni, Capn Ed's significant other. See free plug for Shirley's business - Glow Title, and Escrow below.

Jaws Sighted Locally


Giant Shark cruises local canal.

Snakes Alive


Frollicking Snakes comandeere resident's back yard.




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The Monday Morning Mariners' Meeting

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