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Monday 24 April 2000 - Published Weakly
Serving members of the Monday Morning Mariners Meeting
Direct Correspondence to the chair at the bkhd - outboard, or email


Carl's 4-23 noted his intended absence at 4-24 MMMM, also a 24-1040 phone call to Ed. His excuse being having company to which Ed suggested bring the company along, Carl demurring. Ed's concern, Carl not having his usual heave arounds each week would probably cause a crab, moody, rash, etc.
Ed went on his lonely way, in dead silence except for Pavorotti singing several opera arias. 1135 Ed arrived at Captains Grill maneuvering into a parking spot with Dick almost colliding, but Ed using his many years of maneuvering ships, expertly saved the day.
Ed & Dick arriving tableside found Gary & Gene Si already seated, coffee cup at their lips. Diane her usual hovering about seeing to her charges every needs.
Gene started on Ed's lack of PC expertise, also complained of not receiving from Ed. Ed came back saying the worst thing happened to the world was the frigging conputer, all in hearing, acted with aghast. Dick mentioned the USAT Hunter Ligget on which he rode during the 1st world war. He saw a picture of the ship.
Dick trying to get Diane to his house offered a bag of grapefruit, she suggesting he bring it to next meeting, all agreeing she would be safer that way. This also brought up the subject of the age of citrus trees, seemed that 40 to 50 yrs, opined by most.
Gene Sp ambled in 30 min late greeting all happily after a long absence. Diane quickly serving Gene a bloody mary. What a memory.
Gene Si had a problem deciding what line to use for halyard on radio tower, 3twist or braided nylon. Ed's expertise suggested 3 twist. Anyone out there might send Gene their thoughts. Also Gene digging a hole for the antenna found water at 3 ft. What the heck, did he think he would find oil. Again Gene was upset as the coffee lid on the pot didn't fit. Ed in his usual aplomb cooled Gene down.
Gary was happy, he can attend all the MMMM as wife Mary got a job with the census bureau, at $11 an hour. Gary also told how he drove a 1959 Caddy from San Diego to NYK on a tank of gas and a trunk loaded with propane gas. Seems like he was riding a time bomb.
Susie the fill in for Diane a while back appeared after a long absence, came in giving Ed a big hug. Goes to show you, the girls just can't resist handsome Ed. Of course, Ed with his great modesty, accepts all the much well deserved adoration.
At the 0600 excercise, Roy Hill (spook) told Ed he would show up at MMMM, but as Gene predicted, he didn't show. Gene tried to bring him up on radio, to no avail.
Soup,green pea or french onion, variety of salad fixings, ham, sausage & sauercrout, fish, variety of veggies, topped with banna pudding and variety of cakes.
Carl was missed, glass of water representing a heave around was put at his place. Ed considered delivering a heave around to his residence. Using common sense, decided against it as Carl would expect it ever.
1300 the meeting broke up.


Reported by Captain Ed


MMMM Awards Hero Medal


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Left. Dick's ol' ship - APA-14 Hunter Liggett ca. 1939.







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