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Monday 1 May 2000 - Published Weakly
Serving members of the Monday Morning Mariners Meeting
Direct Correspondence to the chair at the bkhd - outboard, or email
1) MMMM Minutes
2) Subspooks

Minute (adj) Minutes - 5/1/00 MMMM


Arriving about five minutes early, Ed having been on time picking up Carl, we found several members seated already, and the famous heave around in place.
Ordinarily, Earl would be passing out printed copies of the previous week's photos, and graphics, but instead Gene passed around a printout of the benefits of commaraderie. This was primarily intended for Carl, who rattled the cage with his discouragement message a few days before...actually to awaken the "dead".
After that was read by everyone, Gary passed two colorfully wrapped packages across the table to Ed, with a hearty "Happy Birthday.' A surprise to all, as no one was aware of Ed's birthday, or whether he was born at all, everyone watched as Ed fumbled with the ornate siezings, and wrappings. First to emerge was a nice small wind chimes ornament. Oohing, and aahing, everyone congradulated Ed with mumbled "Happy Birthdays".
Then Ed tackled the other, larger package, as everyone watched with patience. Emerging from the debris arose a mechanical fish, on a plastic plaque...very authentic looking, and no doubt a quality gift. However, when Ed turned it on, it emitted the most horrid, carnivalesque squeaking, and sqawking not heard since the collapse of the Astabulla Bridge in the 1800s.
Hastily everyone ran to assist Ed in killing this thing, but to no avail...once initiated, it's on for life, and the bloody thing kept on all through the meeting when someone would pass by it.
With the thing stashed out of the way, and the wind chimes stowed back in its package, the meeting proceeded, Roy popping up, cordially welcomed by all. With it now time to visit the soup-bar, one by one the members made their way through the ever increasingly filling restaurant.
Aside from what was discussed at this reporters end of the table, which is forgotten, and not very important anyways, there wasn't much intelligable from the far end, as it was so noisy with everyone jabbering at once. So...assuming that was nonsense also, we will conclude this report with the hope our esteemed "secretary" remembers to submit his report next week.
The meeting did run overtime, adjourning around 1330, but that was probably do to Roy injecting some fresh story-telling into the melee.
Toodle ooh.
Ed. ( "Ed." for Editor )


Happy Birthday Ed


Ed with mechanical, talking fish Gary presented him with for his birthday.

Birthday Boy


Ed displaying the wind chimes Gary presented him with for his birthday.


Dick looks on as Ed admires the fish Gary bought him.

Left. The boat Ed delivered to Charleston, N.C. last month. He then returned to N.C. to bring it back to Ft. Lauderdale, but engine problems had him pulling into Jacksonville, Florida, where he left it as repairs were being done. The saga continues.



Subspooks Surfaces At The MMMM

Roy Pops Up


Roy - former Navy submariner, and surface ship sailor paid a surprise visit to the MMMM, joining in, and adding some fresh sea-stories. No stranger to MSC, Roy sailed on the USNS Muller in the early sixties as Radioman in the Military Department ( Mildept ).
As a member of the Indian River Amateur Radio Club (IRARC), Roy wears many hats - primarily as the clubs Emergency Operations Coorinator, and publisher of their newsletter - Spurious Emissions. He also volunteers for other good causes too numerous to mention here.
If you click on the picture of his ship, you will find some additional photos, and a roster listing Roy. Clicking on the Muller's Patch will get you a brief account of the Muller composed by an Intelligence Analyst surpisingly on board at the time Roy was.

The USNS Muller


The Muller, one of the many Knot Ships in the MSTS fleet, but having missions similar to the Keathley, and Valdez, and fondly referred to as "Spy" ships, they were of the top echelon in intelligence gathering - listening. Though even oceanography is considered "intelligence", and the ships that did just that included in that category, these ships fit the handle to a "T". After the capture of the USS Pueblo, and great loss of life on the USS Liberty, these "Spy" ships got the recognition they deserved...especially by the civilian mariners, who quickly realized, that if captured, unlike their militay shipmates - could be hung.


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