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Monday 15 May 2000 - Published Weakly
Serving members of the Monday Morning Mariners Meeting
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Ed's Belated Minutes



Click on the photo above for Dick's interesting story about his 1925 Dodge Touring'll enjoy it.


It's still there! After last weeks query as to the status of the above Artillary, a reader put us wise as to where it can be found. Click on the above photo for an informative site.


Another mystery. The above photo was taken recently at Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco. Click on for enlargement. Why are the boats so small...are they manned by dwarfs? Mail Me

15 May 2000

Today's meeting got off to its usual raucous start, with Gene Si. showing Carl a print out of email he had sent Gene with some photos embedded. Presume it was to show Carl how Gene's ISP handles such formats. It would have been perfect, except for Gene's printer needing an ink refill.
In concert with Gene's show, and tell, Earl passed around his print-outs, and this time he had many, all of course from the past two weeks of Carl's home page constructions, and the past two Balmy Breezers Editions. There may have been some from Dick's masterpieces also.
One would wonder why all the print-outs, especially since most of the gang have seen it all online. Well...the concensus is that there is still nothing to compare to hard-copy, its convenience of being held in hand, and appreciated.
There was a good turn-out today - Bill V., Dick, Earl, Gary, Bill Q., Gene Si., Ed, and Carl - eight hearty souls in all.
Though Ed wrote furiously, trying to get the gist of all the conversation around, and about the group, he once again has either mislaid his notes, or is off taking care of his many civic duties around his town of Cocoa. Our attempt at these minutes will of course be less colorful, but we will try. Ed chauffered Carl this time, Bill Q. having errands to run for his civic duties. On arrival, they met Earl already parked, and Dick just pulling in. Earl presented Carl with his old motherboard, hoping Carl could have some use for it if his computer crashes again. Carl is just waiting for another full house - CPU, scanner, printer...the works like the one he did get from Bill, but, even though only a year old, a "Great Lemmon".
Not so much a surprise as it would ordinarily be, the group learned that Earl was also an explosives expert, and listened intently as he told a story about how 22 demolition experts blew themselves up by not heeding Earl's warnings that the bomb was booby-trapped. The group then got a lecture in explosives. Bill V. injected, that as a child of fifteen-years of age, working in the coal mines, he used to set explosives. Earl countered that by revealing he got started in high explosives at the age of ten. Shovels anyone.
Others heard to say: Dick: "Whad he say?'; Carl: "Nothin' important.'; Gene: "Hrrrumph.'; Ed: " I handsome.'; Gary: "Then I sued them!' Bill Q.: "Hmmmmmm.'
The meeting adjourned at 1300 when Carl said: "Enough of this...I'll see you guys outside.' With that, and good byes to Diane, the group assembled outside briefly, noting Gary wasn't driving his Cadidliac SUV, intimating his wife glommed it, leaving him with an old pickup truck. On the return home, Ed mentioned to Carl that not one sea story was told....Such is life.


Fishing bobbin Brooklyn size. It's nice to see 69th Steet Pier once again in its glory. Click on picture for enlargement.
Photo courtesy of Roni.

The Monday Morning Mariners' Meeting

The MMMM meets at 1130 every monday in the Captains Grill at the Holiday Inn in Cocoa Beach Florida, and is open to all - mariner or not. All are welcome who have a need for telling sea-stories, good company, and good food. There are no formalities, nor membership requirements. Take nothing seriously, nor believe anything you hear. Seating is by tenure, especially the chair nearest the bulkhead facing inboard. The meeting adjourns around 1300 for no reason whatsoever.
Your newsletter, Balmy Breezers, is published by, and for members of the MMMM on a weakly basis. This publication exists to inform, and entertain those interested in keeping abreast of the latest scuttlebutt.
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The mail address is as shown in the masthead. Delivery is by Internet shortly after each meeting.
Members are urged to submit material to the editor for inclusion in this newsletter, otherwise it will fizzle out toot-sweet.

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