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Monday 22 May 2000 - Published Weakly
Serving members of the Monday Morning Mariners Meeting
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Ed, our esteemed "Secretary", finally made a deadline. This is news in itself....Good show Ed.

For The Record


Terri was our hostess for today's meeting, living up to her reputation as Terrific Terri. Proud to share the photo with Terri is MMMMer Capn Carl.
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Dick took two photos of Terri. Here's the other one. Sorry enlargement here.

22 May 2000

Ed rec'd call from Carl early AM discussing something incosequential, finally coming around with the question if a pickup was expected. A sigh of relief was noted with the answer being in the affirmative. 1100 sharp Ed pulled into Carl's driveway, carl just having pulled second drag on cigarette. Stubbing the butt Carl boarded the Jimmy, Ed getting under way. Shortly into the drive Carl questioned wether Ed had seen movie Driving Miss Daisy. The answer in the negative, Carl transcribed the movie in its entirety with true feeling, tears and all. The trip to Captains Grill went swiftly, arriving O/A 1120, Gary & Dennis awaiting at the entrance.
On approching the reserved tables, Diane's absence was readily evident as no heave around was set at Carl's place. Carl with great restraint, discussed the problem with Terry, Diane's replacement. Shortly the heave around appeared where upon Carl's first gulp was a disaster, Carl's face contorted, turning all colors as the liquid was something other than the usual heave around. With the many yearsof the drink there was no fooling Carl. Terry hastily corrected the matter, Carl's sigh of relief was heard far & wide. Dick Entered during the fiasco & the different Vodkas were discussed.
Gene Si came alonside a few minutes later. The coffee pot made the rounds. Gene called Carl's attention to his shirt which showed alarge blot of ink in the pocket area, whereupon Carl pulled out a leaky pen. Gary suggested alcohol be used to eliminate the spot, Gene in his infinite wisdom, suggested putting the alcohol drenched spot to fire.
Dennis mentioned that Roosevelt Raceway in NYK was torn down with sadness in his voice as he spent most of his in port days at the track. This also included all the racetracks in NYK, which Dennis knew very well. Ed can remember while in the shipyard in Baltimore for several days Dennis attended Bowie every day. Dennis would study the sheets going back many years as to strain of the horses running.
Dick wanted to know what IBC stood for. the smart guys could not give an answer. If anyone out there knows, please answer. Discussion on money lending, mortgages, making money etc. Carl chiding Ed for wanting more money. Most people never have enough, although Ed is quite happy with what he has. Dennis quoted Sebastion, saying, show me a man without money, you'll show me a bum. What wisdom around the table.
Ed & Dick compared the reclaimed water system in Cocoa & Cocoa Beach, Dick paying $8 to Ed paying $5 Carl going up to the counter accosted the cook wanting sausage, whereupon the cook went into the galley cooking sausage for Carl.
When Gene went up to the food counter, Carl leaned over the table close to Dick, muttering under his breath that Dick's pictures were better than Gene's, Ed overhearing made no comment, as Dick returned with 3rd piece of cake. Gary told of his garden, losing carrots as they were hidden under the cucumbers. Ed mentioned having nut sedge grass in his yard, which is a weed, much discussion about lawns for several minutes. Carl ended the meeting by saying Norway is not a country but a club.
There will not be an MMMM 29 May as it is a holiday, also Ed is leaving for Toledo to pick up a paddle wheeler to bring down to Cocoa. Expect to take at least a month. Ed forgot to mention his birthday party, a surprise held at the civic center in Cocoa Village, attended by 100 or more. It was acomplete surprise orchrestrated by wife Shirley & others.

Roni, and Stewart's. two pals - Mel, and Izzy hamming it up at their computer.

The Monday Morning Mariners' Meeting

The MMMM meets at 1130 every monday in the Captains Grill at the Holiday Inn in Cocoa Beach Florida, and is open to all - mariner or not. All are welcome who have a need for telling sea-stories, good company, and good food. There are no formalities, nor membership requirements. Take nothing seriously, nor believe anything you hear. Seating is by tenure, especially the chair nearest the bulkhead facing inboard. The meeting adjourns around 1300 for no reason whatsoever.
Your newsletter, Balmy Breezers, is published by, and for members of the MMMM on a weakly basis. This publication exists to inform, and entertain those interested in keeping abreast of the latest scuttlebutt.
Articles contained herein may be reprinted by other publications provided definitive written credit is given.
The mail address is as shown in the masthead. Delivery is by Internet shortly after each meeting.
Members are urged to submit material to the editor for inclusion in this newsletter, otherwise it will fizzle out toot-sweet.

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