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Monday 22 November 1999 - Published Weakly
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Gaylord - N4ME ( Not 4 ME ), Chief Engineer - retired, and Amateur Radio Operator, surprised everyone after a year of silence, by sending his photograph...of all things.
At first the photo didn't fly, but the next day, with help from his daughter-in-law Audery, pictures began coming in.
In a way, this shouldn't be a big deal, but the last word from him a year ago was that he was sending a picture.                                                               

Gaylord, and Carl sailed together in 1967 on the Bald Eagle, he as Chief Engineer, and Carl as Captain. They were both kids then, in fact Carl was the youngest on board. The ship sailed from Cheatham Annex near Williamsburg, Virginia, to Bremerhaven, Germany, carrying chill, and frozen food, and general cargo for the military.
We were surprised to see, when we received the above photo, that Gaylord hasn't changed one bit.
Carl now recalls that they met recently - a few years back, at an MSC Retiree Reunion. That's when Gaylord revealed that N4ME translates "Not 4 ME"...pretty neat! Gaylord also sent a photograph of his last ship, shown below, the name of which he will have to supply. "Maybe he can remind us soon, rather waiting another year.' joked Carl. For those who may know Gaylord, he can be reached at
Gaylord's Ship Entering New York. For enlargement, click on photo.
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The 22 November 1999 MMMM got off to a great start with Kurt of KMD Deisel making a surprise cameo appearance, joining Bill V., Dick, Gary, and Bobbi. Kurt always provides new, and refreshing subject matter, being a world traveler, and local business man. Sporting his well groomed beard, Kurt who sailed the seven seas as an Engineer adds that needed nautical touch when such notables as "Captain" Ed, and Carlos fail to show...not to mention Gene Si., former R/O, and Grummanite. Also missing from this week's meeting was Earl - world authority on government, armorments, and everything that rolls, flies, or floats. Needless to say, their absence gave some others a chance to catch up. Next week we look forward to being honored by Stanley's visit to this humble group. The meeting broke up as scheduled - reports Dick. Thanks Dick.




The Monday Morning Mariners' Meeting

The MMMM meets at 1130 every monday in the Captains Grill at the Holiday Inn in Cocoa Beach Florida, and is open to all - mariner or not. All are welcome who have a need for telling sea-stories, good company, and good food. There are no formalities, nor membership requirements. Take nothing seriously, nor believe anything you hear. Seating is by tenure, especially the chair nearest the bulkhead facing inboard. The meeting adjourns around 1300 for no reason whatsoever.
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