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Rogues Gallery
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The Captain's Grill - Our Meeting Place

MMMM 27 June 2000


We were honored by Elliott's cameo appearance. Though considered a member, his busy schedule keeps him from this area for long periods.



This view shows the starboard wheel, flanking rudders (behind Elliott), and starboard rudder in full.

Elliott with the builder, a friend of Bill Qu.'s, and a regular at Ziggy's where Bill hangs out in the evenings. Built from plans, it will be sold when finished. It's a shame in a way, as it is a work of art. We plan on taking some more photos as work progresses.


Pusher tug being built as hobby.

Same view, but in a little closer to the other two wheels. The tug is twin screw, 65' long, approximately 700 HP.

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