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The Captain's Grill - Our Meeting Place

MMMM 18 September 2000

The 18 September 2000 Meeting was a great success, with a surprise visit by Charlie - Purser aboard the USNS Mount Baker. Click here for photo, and statistics. Please click Back to return.
It was interesting...catching up some of the latest trivia about MSC from someone who is still sailing. Interesting to note, that what it took a year to earn as skipper back in the mid sixties, now only takes a month as chief mate - with overtime.
Apparently, according to Charlie, MSC is finding it difficult to recruit new Qualified Members of the Deck Dept - namely AB's. There are also plans to eventually go strict civilian, replacing the Navy Ratings aboard, such as Electronic Technicians with civilian equivalents. There's also plans, inspite of manning difficulties, to acquire several more Navy Auxiliaries. Hmmmmmmmmmm.
When I asked Charlie if he was going to retire soon, he replied that he was having too much fun now for such thoughts. Ha Ha.
We were also surprised with Cameo visits by Gene Sp., Dennis, and Bobbi. Regulars, such as Bill V., Dick, Earl, Gene Si., and Carl were present. Jennifer was our waitress.
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Inboard side of the table showing from afar Bill V., Dick, Earl, Gene Sp., and Dennis.


Table outboard showing from afar Carl, Bobbi, Charlie, Gene Si., and Dennis.


Across the table shot of Earl, Gene Sp., and Dennis. As usual, we have the joint to ourselves.


Looking outboard we have left to right Charlie, Bobbi, and Carlito Bonito.

MMMM 2 October 2000

The 2 October 2000 Meeting was a great success. Attending was Bill V., Dick, Earl, Joe, Gary, Kurt, Gene Si., Ed, and Carl.
It was nice to have Joe join us, and this time he relented, and let us take his picture, which is shown below. We also heard Joe say he may try to make the meetings more often, actually starting with next week.
Earl held his usual show, and tell, with print-outs of various aircraft he found on the internet, including the "Dream" - the Russian AN-225 - world's large plane, capable of liftoff with a total weight of 600 Metric Tons. A six engine monster, but beautiful to see, it was used to carry the Russion Space Shuttle "Bear", which never did get into space. Needless to say, the piggy-backed "Bear" looked very small atop the "Dream". The meeting went by in a flash with non-stop chit-chat. Gene surprised Carl with a brand new head-set, and boom mike for when he's into NetMeeting with friends, and relatives...thank you Gene. The meeting broke up on schedule ( 1300 ), with a few minutes of talk outside before leaving.
Captain Ed chauffered yours truly to, and from the meeting in his Mercedes "Kompressor", on the return trip home, putting the top down. Some car...some ride, thanks Ed.


Heeeeerrrres Joe.

MMMM 26 February 2001

The 26 February 2001 Meeting was a great success. Attending was Bill V., Bill Z., Dick, Earl, Joe, Gene Si., Gene Sp., and Carl.
The meeting went by in a flash with non-stop chit-chat, adjourning on schedule ( 1300 ), with a few minutes of talk outside before leaving.
Gene Si. chauffered yours truly to, and from the meeting allowing for multiple heave-arounds, and a good time. Jennifer was our waitress for this day, and upon leaving Dick insisted on taking some pictures.
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Bill Zarkis retired ship's Bosn, and occasional visitor to the MMMM. Jennifer, and Carlos smile for the camera.




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