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Sven, Gina, and Kari basking in the bright sun on their patio deck.
Kari says in her email:
"At last we are back on the internet again. It took some time, but now we have a Pentium III, 350 Mhz, and we have a 6 gig hardisk so that should hold us for a while (we hope....).
We have a digital camera and we have tried to scan in a photo from us from yesterday. You remember (of couse ) that 17. May is a very special day for us 
Norwegian people, (Sven has an American passport, so I said that he isn't a real Norwegain. Sven has a flag from the States, and he will display it from the top of the mast !!!!!"

View from Sven, and Kari's deck, overlooking homes below, and out toward the fjord. The plane in the picture is heading in towards Flesland Airport, Bergen's International Airport. 747s land, and take off regularly on International flights. Vatlastraumen you can see fanafjorden / korsfjorden.

Flower child. Gina is a natural....With a smile like that, and as pretty as a rose, she ought to be in the movies. We'll bet she knows it too.

A child's dream come true...fresh, snow. Here's Gina making the most of it before the dreaded rain comes, which is too soon usually in Bergen.

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