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Page Twenty Eight-B

A photographic journey continued.

Carl Jr.
On Georgie Olsen's roof...PS 94 in background

Along Shore Parkway

Fort Hamilton

Ft. Hamilton Memorial ( near cannon )

On 69th St. Pier

Norwegian Training Ship Christian Radich

At stern of Christian Radich

Wing section build in SAT

Home from work...hard work.

First car - used Buick Special

Footin' pussy

Mom - Julia, when small

Now...listen up!

In Montauk - mom; Severt ( old friend ); Ethel, and mother - Mrs. Dunn; Roby, and I

Last, and certainly not least - Mickey And Moe
Dime-sized when bought by my father in a pet shop for pennies, Mickey, and Moe lived for better than first thanks to Dad.
As Roby, and I grew up, we also cared for them...changing their water, and feeding them regularly. Not shown is their aquarium where a triangular piece of concrete afforded them dry "land", and a place in the sun.
It was amazing they lived so long, what with being "played" with along with our toys, and electric trains, but Dad kept an eye on things making sure they survived two kids. They ate everything from apple, meat, fish, cheese, and the occasional roach that meandered into their domain. Super attentive, they watched our every move, especially at meal times. Moe, the smaller brown ridgeback died first...Mickey following a year later. Both were buried under a large Maple tree in the back yard in Long Island.

Mickey, and Moe

Seen here fully grown Brook Turtles

This page concludes our Brooklyn era...for me, and Roby, '32 to '53...we move "out" to Long Island.
The timing was alright...we both had good jobs, both having completed, and graduated from High School. All our friends having done the same, and dispersing to who knows where, and the neighborhood in decline, there wasn't anything left to stay for.
However, it must be said, any such move before hand would have denied us the precious opportunity of growing up in Brooklyn, and New York City on the whole - the best any kid could ask for at the time.
Material-wise - we never owned a phone even, nor a car, and rented "flats", but we had each other, and great friends, not to mention the schools, parks, museums, stick-ball, and everything else New York City had to offer.
One last thing - the kid should ever grow up without a waterfront...a big one like New York's.
Before we say good bye to this era, visit the neighborhood here.
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