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Page Forty


Around, And About Norway...and Sweden



Sven says: "I was just surfing on the internet and I turn on to your homepage.
I saw there were a lot of old picture of us, I thought I could send some newer ones.


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Don't shoot!
Gina by a Gun Port of the Swedish Man O' War - Wasa which capsized after launching.

Waiting For The Ferry
Sven and Gina.

On The Rocks.
Kari and Gina

See that? They're everywhere!

Notice the foot on the scuplture! Some old guy slaying a dragon.
Sven and Kari

You don't wanna mess around with me!
Gina.'s the rest of the foot.
See...some guy slaying an alligator.

So...that's all folks!
All photos taken last summer in Sweden except recent one of Gina.

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