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Next Of Kin
Page Seven

The Junior High

Dewey Junior High School PS 136 Brooklyn


Attended Dewey ( Charles O. ) in the late forties. Situated at 41stand Fourth ( 4004 ), Dr. McDermott - Principal, it still exists, as this recent photo attests to, but incorporates several different schools, or something like that.
In my day, it was just a Junior High, classes 7A to followed Grammar School - Click Here to see PS 94. Grammar School covered Kindergarten through 6B, though some children started in 1A, like myself. I "accelerated" one term in High School, graduating at the age of eighteen.
From Jr. High, one went on to High School Click Here to see my High School. In some cases, one could leave Junior High after 8B, and go on to High School, putting four years instead of three in High School.


Looking is now designated a "Middle" school - Charles O. Dewey Middle School 136 ..."Middle" of what...the road?


View of the back of Dewey. Notice temporary type building in the play ground for a Primary School No.4 Annex...wouldn't have been permitted back in my days. This explains all the kids out in front of the main place to muster with the play ground gone. We never entered, and exited the school through the front entrances...that was for parents, and visitors.


Back of Dewey continued...concluding this photo op. Thanks to Gene Sirota for his wonderful photography during his 2004 visit to Brooklyn. Must admit the building looks good for its age.
One other note...just visible is a circular adornment atop the students were told it was a swimming pool, and to ask the teacher for a pass to use it...not too many fell for that joke.

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