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Sitrept #11 091756Z APR 00

Hi Folks, No, I haven't just returned from the MMMM booze-up...this is true.
At 1240 precisely, because I always note the time things happen, a large shark meandered into the canal off my dock. I first spotted it close aboard the dock on the far side, only the dorsel fin showed, about two feet out of the water, high enough to hit the underside of the dock if it had been under it. At first I figured it for a porpoise, so waited for the familiar "blow" as they exhale, but exhale.
I made for my dock for a closer look. About fifty feet further into the canal, the fin broke water full length again, no sound, no blowing. The fin breaking the surface again about two-hundred feet at the end of the canal, the fish turned, heading back my way. Breaking the surface again about one-hundred feet before arriving where I was, I began to see the swirls below the surface. Realizing it would pass but inches off my dock, I strained to see below the surface...but saw nothing but a large swirl as it swept its tail. These swirls were spaced about thirty, or so feet apart, but large, like six-feet around. Its dorsel not showing ever again, but the swirls continuing out of sight, and out of the canal. Never, ever, an indication this was an air-breathing was a large shark.
This is the first time in the twenty-five-years I've lived here that I ever witnessed such a thing, nor heard of a shark in the lagoons, or canals.