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Sitrept #12 101844Z APR 00

Hi Folks,
As if a shark in the canal was enough for one day, I had to have two snakes in the grass whoopin' it up.
I mentioned the shark episode to the wife, who immediately insisted it was a porpoise, even if it held it's breath for fifteen, or more minutes. Anyways, even if she saw it, she would deny it...not wanting them there to begin with.
It was but two-hours later, when I was summoned to the patio oops "lanai". "There's snakes on the lawn.' she said pointing to the center of the back lawn. There were...a literal "pile" of them, all entwined, and slithering around each other. I left the protection of the screen patio oops "lanai" to get a closer look. A black-shiny ball of garden snakes making whoopee in the mid-day sun...lovely! I returned to the patio oops "lanai", and told her they were harmless, and just full of hormones...they will leave after a while...they're also enjoying the warmth of the sun out in the open like that.
"Well, aren't you going to do something about them?' she said.
"Like what?' I asked.
"Like...get rid of them!'
"What're here, they're there...what's the problem?
"Never mind...go watch your TV.' she said.
She remained out there, for a while watching this orgy, but armed herself with a large golfer's umbrella we keep out there for taking Derby out when it rains...they might break through the screening to "get" her...I supposed.
After she came in, I went out to see if they had had enough, and had wandered off.
Yup...they were gone. I hollered my report towards the house.
"No they're not...they are just to the left of you.' this voice said from behind the window.
She was watching from the bedroom, and she was right. Now this "daisy ball" was by a tree, but it wasn't an orgy, it was but two very affectionate serpents. Every once in a while one would break off, run a couple of perfect circles around the base of the tree, and then coming up from astern of the other, fully extended, came up alongside the other full length to begin the console over again.
"Hey...c'mon out...this is interesting.' I hollered towards the window.
"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh.' came the reply.