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Midway into my year, and a half tour on the Arneb, I leave the Signal Gang, and go down to the to learn navigation.

Part of Bridge Gang - L to R - Adams - QM2;; , Lycan - QMSN;, Skop - QMSN;, Ryan - QMSN;, Whitehead - QMC; and Gann - QMSN


Lowering Marine Crane into LSU at Vieques Island
Me - QMSN - Special Sea, and Anchor Detail Helmsman                                                                                                                


Me - QMSN; and Skop - QMSN correcting Nav-Pubs

I wasn't going to learn navigation the "Hey, Chief, show me navigation" way...I knew that. I just wanted to be where I could use what I learned...teaching myself the old time tested way - studying it.
I was no stranger to the Bowditch, my father having taken some courses in the "Navy Y" during the war, and introducing me to it during Jr. High School. However, that was "correcting courses", and the "sailings" celestial stuff. Now it was applying for USAFI courses in Celestial Navigation, Navigation I and II, and on the side, their wonderful course on "Compass Compensation"...all of which I completed under the watchful eye of the C/ test results went to him.
As with computers, no one can show you how to use one...properly that is. You have to "buy the books" a good friend tells me. Not only just by the "Dumby" books, which are good just to get by with, but the ones that take you back to Bolean Albebra, and Binary want to know how it all works from zeros, and ones. Start with Machine Language, then into Assembly Language, etc..
That's how it goes with're just playing at it until you have a good grasp on Spherical want to understand even the simplest like Napier's Analogies of the Right Spherical Triangle...don't you. I did, and made a hobby out of it.


Me - QMSN; and Mike Polletta - QMSN. Mike went on to Maritime Academy...eventually sailing as Captain in the Merchant Marine.


McShea - QM2; and me - QMSN


USS Deuel APA-160 Call Letters - NDSP ( Discount Dog ) approaching...we will tow her in exercise.


USS LOESER DE- 680 approaching for hi-line exercise.


Not a good shot...taken prior to inspection, showing the wooden magnetic steering compass binnacle I totally restored.


Arneb's Helm


USS Chilton APA - 38 Call Letters NKDI ( Frying Pan ) towing Arneb in exercise.


Arneb approaching oiler. USS Mt. Olympus already alongside fueling.




Now Navy time from Boot Camp to the last day on the Arneb was a learning experience, which coupled with my High School days, and one year sailing with Socony Vacuum between the two, had me ready for any license.
Before I wind this up, I should give a quick history. I joined the Arneb in Norfolk, and was discharged from the Arneb while at anchor in the North River while visiting New York City. I had seen the Carib - Vieques Island; Havana, Cuba; then over to the Med, and visited Naples, Italy; Marseilles, France; Algiers, Algeria; then up to Northern Europe for Operation Main Brace, visiting Copenhagen, Denmark - Polletta, and I seeing the Tivoli Gardens there. I know I've left out some ports, there were more.
Ships I remember in our Transport Division - 21, were the USS Chilton APA-38; Deuel, - APA- 160; Carpolotti, APD-136; Fort Mandan LSD - ( Empty Peter ;, and the Mount Olympus. History on these ships is easily obtainable by searching the Internet.
The Arneb, famous for it's runs to the Antarctic did that without me...I was to make that voyage two years in a row as a Merchant Mariner on the Towle.

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