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The end of August 2004, over a half century having past, I received these photos from John. Same period, same guys, plus some the Skipper, XO, and Ops Officer...a great contribution.
Thanks John.

Cox, standing; Polletta; and Snowden with the glasses...don't know the fellow reading.
Me on the light


Berthing Compartment scene...Cox; Skop; and me recognizable. The compartment was aft in No. 4 in the Tween deck.


Lt. Cmdr Simone - Ops Officer. Great guy...once sailed for Esso


The "High Light" - the platform that either me, or Doherty is signaling from ( can't determine who ) was labeled that. One on each the enclosure below, we kept our bunting for making flags. Yes, we could do that - make flags...we even had a sewing machine...but I never saw anyone make a flag.


General Quarters no doubt. Two fellows in foreground - Left Cmdr Purcell - XO; and Mr. Simone - Ops Officer.
Word was that Purcell was a shoe salesman...could have been a kid rumor. Anyways, he was alright.


Ryan - left; and Skop - Bridge Gang guys...nice guys...they were all nice guys.


Ensign Kiemick - Asst Navigtor. Academy man - gorgeous wife...thought he should have been assigned a Cruiser...cried when she saw the Arneb.
Kiemick was always complimentary, calling me "Mr Bowditch"...I was a Brooklyn Kid, and heavy into navigation.


The Skipper - Captain J.C. Wylie, a great guy...thought the world of me. Daughter - Betsey, became of my bosses when I became Captain...nice lady.
Wylie relieved Captain Harry Meeker Stewart Gimber, Jr....our previous Skipper...another gem of a fellow.


The USS Chilton AP-38 - NKDI - Nan King Dog Item...Voice Call - Frying Pan overhauling us in presumably a Station Changing exercise.
The Chilton had COMTRANSDIV - 21 embarked, and was usually Guide Ship. The Chilton was a C-3 Class vessel...note the raised focslhead, and flush deck to the stern. Other APAs were of the Victory Class vessels.


Cox; Peters; Nepi; and Hollywood


Peters - one of the Radio Gang.


Nepi. Looked up NEPI in the Navy Call Book...was the call letters for a Honey Barge.


Don't know this fellow...surely during drills...could be a Gunner's Mate.


The Flying Bridge - the "Signal Bridge" was a popular spot for sunbathing, and socializing, though mostly by those in the Operations Department - Radio, and Radarmen, Etc.. Of course it was the Quartermaster Signalmens' domain, and usually that's all you found up there during ops, and bad weather. Don't know any of these guys!


A little humor can see how quick the photographer was to capture the usual frivoloty encountered aboard. I think I can identify Cox by the back of his head...the fellow sitting on the Ready Box second from the right.

Good pictures. Gheeeeeeez...they all look so young, and healthy. The Arneb was a good ship...meaning a fun least while I was there...can't remember one bad moment. These photos compliment those compiled starting here.

Thanks again to John Hebbe for these great reminders of the Good Ol' Days.

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