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Pappy Szarmach Photos
Louis Demsko Photos

On November 9th 2005 I received these photos from "Pappy" Szarmach - ET3. He says: "Here are some photos you may enjoy from my time aboard the Arneb.......1953 thru 1956.... I'm afraid I don't recall everyone in the crew...but Cox and Haddie used to hide in Radio III and drink all our coffee. If I run across any more old photos, I'll send them to you."
Thanks Pappy.




On November 24th 2005 I received these photos from "Louis Demsko - GMC. Louis sailed the Arneb for several years up to '53. In his email to me, Louis asked if I had any info on Arneb Reunions, specifically for Gunners Mates. I had to reply that I hadn't ever seen anything on the Internet pertaining to Arneb Reunions, though I have for other Navy ships.

Thanks Lou for exceptional photo of the Arneb herself, and the Arneb's stack with the SeaHorse suggestion to the C/O at the time - Capn J.C. Wylie. Great photo of yourself too.

Louis Demsko

USS Arneb AKA-56

The Seahorse

Stack logos weren't anything new for the Navy...they had them for years, but the Arneb didn't. On the chance the Capn would be receptive to such a suggestion, I broached the idea to him, and he thought it was a good one.
It's been over a half-century now, and it has long been forgotten who did the art work. Note the Twenty-four Inch Carbon Arc Search Light...we had two...the other being on the other side of the stack. Primarily used for signaling, it was seldom used, but it did get attention when it was. Below see one of the Signal Bridge's Ammo Lockers.


Buggy Ride In Naples, Italy - Cox - QM - Center; Dempsko - GM - On The Right

Good pictures. Gheeeeeeez...they all look so young, and healthy. The Arneb was a good ship...meaning a fun least while I was there...can't remember one bad moment. These photos compliment those compiled starting here.

Thanks again guys for the photos - great reminders of the Good Ol' Days.


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