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The S.S. Stavangerfjord - Norwegian Passenger Liner, always won...or nearly always.
It was the Stavangerfjord's Radio Officer who Coxswained the boat during the 1961 race. Coming in usually boat lengths ahead of all the others, the crew employed a quick, short stroke, and without Feathering. All of them were medium men in stature, though quite "weightlifters" here.
It so happened that I took the Stavangerfjord from Norway to the U.S. in February of '63 as a passenger. During that voyage I met the Radio Officer/Coxswain, who remembered me from the race.
It was interesting to note that where we - the MSTS team had rowing machines, and all that good stuph for excercising while at sea, the Stavangerfjord team had a simple home-made weight, and pulley ( fairlead block ) arrangement welded to one of the ship's funnels on the Stack Deck. It was their technique that won the races for them.

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