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 What we are talking about here is not attachments, but pictures in with the text, and not only plain old "plain text", but "Rich Text", in other words, text of different fonts, sizes, and colors.'s what to's simplicity in itself, it's painless, and takes no time whatsoever out of your busy, busy schedules. This is composed in plain text, as it is the default text unless you choose otherwise from the tool bar immediately above where you are doing your typing from. By just simply placing the arrow on each little button, and/or icon, a small box pops up yellow in color, telling you what each is for. After a little experimentation, and use, you will have all that figured out. Now for getting Microsoft's Oulook Express set up for Rich Text, and sending/receiving pictures/graphics in the email message itself without having to clik, or search for attachments:
1. Open Microsoft's Outlook Express
2. Clik the "Tools" menu ( box will drop down )
3. Clik "Options" ( you will see what looks like file folder tabs )
4. Clik the "Send" tab
5. Clik small circle alongside HTML ( you should see a little dot appear ). Don't clik "OK" yet, it won't hurt, but you will have to re-clik on the above over again.
6. Clik the "Read" tab
7. Clik little white box alongside "Automatically show picture attachment in message" ( you should see a small check mark appear ). Now clik "OK" at the bottom.
We are now going to clik on the Large button at the top left displaying a sheet of paper with an open envelope, and the words: "Compose Message".
On the tool bar BELOW where it now says: "NEW MESSAGE" in white on blue ( unless you changed the default - it's white on blue ), NOT the extreme upper tool bar:
8. Clik the "Tools" menu ( box will drop down )
9. Clik on small white box alongside "Send Pictures With Message" ( you should see a little check mark appear )
10. Clik "Tools" again to save.
Now, to embellish your email for personal letters, or to give others a break from the mundane:
In the same tool bar below the where it now says: "NEW MESSAGE" in white on blue ( unless you changed the default - white on blue ), NOT the extreme upper tool bar:
1. Clik the "Format" menu ( box will drop down )
2. Clik to the left of the words: "Rich Text ( HTML )". A black dot will appear
3. Clik "Format" again to save.
Now for a real touch of class to your letter:
1. Clik the "Format" menu again ( box will drop down )
2. Clik "Apply Stationary" ( experiment...try Ivy...this will line your left margin with less ).
Okay, now that takes care of that. If you want to include pictures/graphics, animated or not:
1. Clik the yellow square icon with two mountain peaks ( way to the extreme right on the tool bar
above ).
2. A dialogue box will appear asking for picture source
3. Clik on "Browse" and go find it. When you have found it
4. Clik on the down caret, and choose "Left" for now. You will find that down caret in the square called
"Layout", it is for "Alignment".
5. Clik "OK", and you will see the picture ( in this case ) to the left, and at the top. If the picture is small enough, you will have room to the right of it to start your letter, if not, the letter will begin under the picture/graphic, whatever, nevertheless, the picture you are sending will be right there staring you in the face as you compose your outgoing letter. One note: If you include stationary, do the stationary thing before the comes out better.
Experimentation will reveal all kinds of options available. If you are too busy for any of the above, put it on the shelf for a while, but print this out for when the time arises.