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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is your concept of God - the boss as you call God?
A. Abstractly Sublime
Q. From whence came God?
A. Neither time, or place is applicable here since there is no time, nor place in God's spiritual realm. God, or the boss just "is".
Q. From whence came us, and the universe we live in?
A. From God...the boss created us...first as spirits...then the have some place to put us while in physical form ( as humans ).
Q. Why? Why were we created?
A. For the boss's friends.
Q. Why would the boss need friends?
A. For the same reason you share with...proves that the boss is a prolific creator, and likes to show, and share his work with others.
Q. Why create a universe to put us in as humans?
A. Had to...couldn't allow us at first in spirit form to be free-willed, have our own mind, and make choices like accepting the boss as boss, and friend.
Q. Why not?
A. Well, think for a minute...what's the chances you'd choose to live forever in paradise, with the boss as boss, if you had no idea of the alternative? can bet on it that you would at some time think you're equal to, or smarter than the boss, and that would be the end of you...and the boss couldn't help you!
Q. Why not...why couldn't the boss help?
A. As a spirit, your life source is the boss...try and do it your way and you're directing your reference away from the boss - your life source, the one who created you, and to yourself...helpless without the boss. The disconnect is's your're to speak.
The boss knows this, so that's why the boss invents the physical universe, invents the human form, and places each one of us into a human body, where, without fear of "disconnecting" we can, as humans, experiment with "doing it our way".
Q. That's it...that's all we are here experiment?
A. That's experiment with our nature as free willed beings...the boss doesn't want robots...yes men...the boss wants willing individuals as friends.
We will see what conceit, and pride brings, and we all have conceit, and pride - ego...some more than others.
Seldom is our reference to the boss total...if ever. The boss is giving us the opportunity here on this temporary earth, in this temporary universe to see that ego disconnects us from the boss...we see examples of others too.
Q. So, we learn as we live. How do we know what's to be accepted?
A. That's reading required...just stab yourself in the hurts. You know it hurts others that so difficult to discern? Unless you're a child, or a nonviable individual, you understand what hurts others through what hurts you. If you choose to ignore the feelings, or welfare of others, willing not to learn from your experiences, and remain defiant to the end, you will not be will just die, and cease to's your choice.
Q. That makes sense...if I want the boss as a friend, and under the boss's terms that all my reference is to the boss, I'm to speak. However, what about babies, and the "nonviable" who die...they haven't, or can't make any choise?
A. That's simple to answer! Here's the reason we were all at first spirits. The spirit in that child, or person returns to the boss to be placed once again in another human form...another chance to experiment, and learn. We are not talking about reincarnation as commonly thought of here...this only applies to those who of no fault of their own haven't the capacity to discern conceit, and pride - ego...they are nonviable human creatures. Though there are accounts of individuals having recollection of another "life", this may have happened, but it's a fluke, and doesn't account for anything.
It's interesting to note here, the grieving over a baby dying...a defenseless little thing, not given a chance. However, in reality, that baby didn't "die" is given a many as it takes. Few realize this, but now you know.
While we're at it, we must mention here that God - the boss, doesn't "allow" babies to die anymore than God allows tornados to devistate. God "wills" nothing specifically to happen...the cosmos/earth, and all in it are invented by God to be randomely confounding, challenging, and belligerent. We are as unpredictable to God as is a tornado in responding to nature. God, or the boss wills nothing in respect to these happenings. "It's the will of God, or God's will" is a misconception. God set everything up, including nature to follow the laws of nature...which is chaos on the whole...the opposite of paradise.
Angels, Demons, Gender, Sin, Laws, and Punishment
Q. Does the boss have angels as friends; is there a Devil, and Demons; and how about women?
A. There are no angels as such, unless your definition of an angel is a robot, then yes, you could say so. Those spirits which haven't experienced human form, are robots...don't have free will...are just there waiting to be given the opportunity to learn as humans all about free will...waiting for a human to be born, and placed in.
There isn't any Devil, or anti-boss character, nor demons...anywhere.
There isn't any hierarchy either in the boss's's just all of us as equals, and our friend the boss...there isn't any gender thing there either.
Sin, as trespassing against the boss, is a no brainer...the boss cannot be offended...nor indignant...which should apply also to anyone looking to be the boss's friend. "Good, and Evil" are mute terms...don't apply!
We are in human form to experience our nature as free-willed, see what conceit, pride - ego promotes, how it acts counter to team work, and friendship towards the boss, and the boss's other creatures. We aren't being "judged"...we correct, and judge ourselves towards the eventual purging of all selfish reference to ourselves, and total reference to the boss. If we don't, it's our choice...we condemn ourselves.
Q. What will I, or we do in this paradise?
A. You, we, will do nothing...that's the point! Can you think of anything we have done on this planet that ever amounted to anything good...really?
No! We will just bask in the boss's wisdom, and ingenuity, being thankful for the privilege of witnessing, and sharing magnificent things beyond our imagination. It will be like what we are best at doing when when watching a good game, movie, or reading a book...we do nothing...just experience the story, scenery, and/or outcome.
We are created creatures...not creators. When we make things, we only produce things of elements already created by the boss. The elements of which we as humans, and everything else is made are of this universe/world, and invented by the boss just for this temporary place. Whatever the boss will create when this is gone, we cannot imagine...surely it will be enough for us to just watch the boss do things.
Q. Couldn't the boss have made this planet, and universe more accomodating, and less confounding?
A. Of course, but that's not the idea. This planet, our bodies, the cosmos as a whole was invented to excite, or bring out the ego in us as free willed agents. Challenges like the contrariness of nature - storms, earthquakes, and such, brings out the defiance in us. However, it's impossible for us to overcome what's thrown at us, but we try...even to the point of envisioning us overcoming death. We will fail you know, science tells us this cosmos will destruct eventually.
It's this defiance, or egos, the boss wants us to witness, and learn from. The boss wants us to understand what the boss already knows about free-willed individuals, and that is if our reference isn't totally towards the boss, we will screw put it bluntly.
So, when we realize this, and direct our reference to the boss, and away from our selves...become unselfish to the rest of the boss's other creatures, we will fit in in paradise.
Paradise isn't a democrasy...the boss is boss, and that's it. It's great that the boss gives us this opportunity to see ourselves for what we are, and how not to be when in
Since we don't know when we will expire as a human, it behoves us to start now thinking less about ourselves, and more about the boss, and his other creatures.
We have to make that choice now before we expire...if not, not even the boss can help us.
Q. How do I contact the boss - God, whatever? I'm convinced...nothing could be simpler, yet more understanding. Henceforth, starting now I'll not put myself above, or before any other's right to life, or pursuit of rightful welfare, and least I'll try. I centainly want into paradise under the boss's conditions.
A. You just have! By your have the boss's complete attention...all in Paradise are rejoicing to hear it.
It's simple to converse with the boss - God, whatever. It's seemingly unimportant what name the boss prefers...I haven't been told...I start my day with "Hi God...good morning." or if during the day, or night, something like: "Hi God...what's new?", or "how goes it." Like speaking to anyone else...after all, God's my buddy...and your buddy
Welcome to Paradise! Know this, that with your new attitude, you have found Paradise somewhat here on earth. You no longer have to strain to be number one...that's a load off your shoulders.

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