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Frequently Asked Questions 2

Play On Words
Q. Who invented this religion, or whatever you call it?
A. I will find it nowheres else...I call it my Warm Fuzzy makes me feel good.
I prefer not to call it a religion, but just reality. However, it doesn't matter what it's's definitely not a cult...I'm the only member. However, you're welcome to it, change it however you want...whatever makes it warm, and fuzzy to you.
Q. You could have an answer for anything I ask...isn't that right?
A. No...that's not right...somethings I haven't discerned yet...and don't ask if I'm "inspired"...please.
Like I's my invention. I had to invent it to satisfy the many questions I was left with after fifty-years, or more of wrestling with another.
Simplicity Simplicity Simplicity
Q. How can you, or anyone believe in such a simple concept?
A. I can because I am simple...meaning uncomplicated, or striving to be so. I also believe the boss is uncomplicated...natural...rational...logical...and reasonable.
Why dump impossible ritual on top of such a simple demand that we just direct all of our reference to the boss? We are just being asked to be the boss's friend for eternity if we agree with the boss being boss. There's nothing more to it than that...and if we don't want the boss as a friend under those conditions, we can toss to speak.
Before you ask whether the boss cares or boss doesn't...the boss did care...he gave us this chance to see the alternative...the boss wants us to choose for ourselves...whatever makes us happy.
Look...the boss created billions of us...nothing like preparing for eventualities! Have you ever figured out why so many?...the boss isn't an empire builder...just wants company...even if it's just me!
You got it? It's my invention!
Edifices Symbols Images
Q. Can we assume there are no churches, temples, mosques, tents, houses of the boss ( God ), or anything like that??
A. Yes, you can reach the boss from anywheres...up a tree, in a movie, restaurant...anywheres.
It would be odd if there were more than just myself in this belief, and we all got together to "talk" with the boss...people just standing together in a group thinking. If you want to talk to someone else about the boss, you can do that anyplace, anytime. There's no such thing as "prayer" - "form contacts" is natural, and between you and the boss.
Furthermore, there are no symbols, statues, flags, or banners, shields, or logos.
Q. Do you believe you, or anyone else who believes in this, will be with their dearly departed in the boss's paradise?
A. Yes...of course...that's the idea. It's for sure we will be with our other-than-human dearly pets...they all qualify automatically...remember, they have/had no ego.
Pet Lovers Belief
Q. Is this a pet lovers belief only?
A. No...but if you hold your human dearly departed as suspect, get a pet.
Q. So, then, am I to believe that I am my own "saviour" freebees in this belief?
A. You got it...would you want it any other way? Wouldn't you say that's the best? It is a "freebee" you put it.
Consider this...if you want friends about you, do you want dumbies? I doubt'd want friends who are appreciative of one like the boss, who loved you enough to create you, and give you a heads up on how to be a good friend in return. If you're offered a chance to "save" yourself, and you don't, how would you show appreciation for the marvels the boss will put before you in paradise?
The End Times
Q. Any End Times in this invention/belief?
A. Two...two end times for this cosmos...when you expire as a human, and when, as science even tells us, this universe disappears!
If you're feeling around for prophetic pronouncements, forget it...there's no such thing in this's irrelavant anyways. To add to the list: No prophets; no saints; no appostles; no messiahs; no magic; no miracles; and no hell. Now...isn't that neat? To add further: No tablets; no scrolls; no books; no voices; no signs; no gimmicks.
Nothing to know it all already...stab yourself in the hand if you don't think it hurts others.
Q. Am I to take it then, that we are on our own as humans?
A. Hell ( oops ) no! If you're sincerely trying not to be Number One, showing respect, and compassion for all of the boss's creatures, and putting the boss in the Number One slot, and realizing your existance as a human is to see the falacy, and foolishness of your selfish side, and that of others, and learn from it, chances are that hints to the boss for legitimate help isn't unreasonable. However, you must realize that whatever's bugging you may be for your own good. Remember, this isn't supposed to be paradise... it can up to a point be less confounding, and seem a little like it, but the paradise the boss offers is the real thing. However, I've put the arm on the boss at times for things I should have gone to the doctor for, and have the boss "fix" it for me...and the boss did...many times. I also have, when my hints to the boss seem unanswered, figured nuts, let it be...let the cosmos', and planet's confounding afflictions do their thing, I'm ready, and the boss would step in.
I do know however, that stickin' around here forever isn't the name of the of these days my hints won't be answered. No...don't feel like your're in the best company there is when with the boss.
Ceremonies, Holidays, Festivities, Sabbaths, Seasons
Q. Are there any special times for observances, feasts, fasts, or rest?
A. None...except every moment of everyday is a celebration...just open your eyes to the natural beauty this world has to offer while being thankful for the heads up you're privy to.
You might end your day with something like this: "Good night God...thanks for a nice day." Just thinking that is special posturing, or ourward signs's between you, and the boss.
Q. I like this concept...can I copy, and broadcast it?
A. Yes, you may, but only the content ( text )...please...none of this is copyrighted, or isn't "intellectual property".
Rich Or Poor
Q. There's always someone less fortunate, material or health wise...what should they expect from those who have more?
A. Nothing...except to not lose anything more because of someone else, but if the case be so, and one's reference is totally to the boss, it won't matter.
Adversely, those more fortunate can do nothing more for others than to at the least not add more to their misfortune.
Fortune is relative...there is always someone more fortunate, or may be the most fortunate in the world as far as worldly possessions, and health goes, but without respectful reference to others, and totall reference to the boss, most unfortunate. Its the same for one with the least worldly possessions, and the worst health.
For both extremes, the best gift to the other is respect, expecting nothing from the other that would detract, or take from the other. However, it's a given, that one who's reference is totally to the boss will have no compunction to help anyone, or creature who can be helped, whether it be someone more fortunate, or less fortunate.
There in lies the clincher! To what degree does total reference to the boss entail? Does it behove us to strive to share all that we don't need with it a "leveler" - everyone of equal fortune? Being reasonable, this would be seemingly impossible for anyone, and not expected...only the boss can make a paradise.
Consider this, what if your fortune was aquired not through the loss of anyone else, and you had the resources to feed millions for a short while. Would that be helping them, at least to get on their feet? Consider their mentality that put them in such dire straights...would it be long before, through their selfishness, they bring more of their kind into the world, and more mouths to feed...more misery?
No...being fortunate shouldn't give you a guilt complex, unless, as mentioned before it was through another's loss. Consider all of the well meaning charitable effort, and money spent in those parts of the world not considered "civilized" those nations, or some of them, are armed to the teeth, their people starving, and/or dying of deseases, and worse off than before becoming "civilized". Were they done any favors? No!
Can you own a big, fancy yacht costing millions, and still have no conceit, and pride in yourself; not be selfish, and have tottal reference to the boss? Of course, if the yacht is just to satisfy a yearning to own a yacht, or for business, and not to bolster your image. Get the can be wealthy without a big ego. On the other half, you can be the poorest of the poor, and have the biggest ego around. So much for that!
About This Cosmos Invention
Q. You seem to have a handle on things...where does this Cosmos/Universe end?
A. Not at a brick wall. Here's where the spiritual, and physical meld...where no physical elements, radiation, and/or light reaches to, or exists, that's where this cosmos ends. However, it doesn't end uniformly, like the sphere of a bubble, but jaggedly like a water crystal, or snowflake. To put it another way, where nothing of the cosmos exists, the spiritual ( for the want of a word ) paradise begins. How large is paradise, or this spiritual place of nothing physical...containing no elements of nature as we know them?'s infinite. Like the boss, it just is...size is not an's irrelevant.

Derby Brown

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