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Frequently Asked Questions 3

The Good, The Bad, and the...
Q. Why do bad things happen to good people?
A. Who's "good"?
First, know this, and that is there is no judgement here by the boss, who knows the nature of free willed people, and it's not good. We judge ourselves, and others, and to judge ourselves "good", we are conceited still. The objective here, on this planet, in human form is to try sheading conceit, and ego. If we manage that, we will have no thoughts to self, our total reference being to the boss, and that leaves us not feeling sorry for ourselves. Judging others reveals conceit in ourselves also. We view the consequences of conceit, and pride...ours, and that of others just to learn what is wrought by conceit, and counter productive it is towards living in paradise with the boss who insists on being boss.
We understand once our reference is to the boss, that "bad" things happen to everyone...everyone as humans "die". So, bad things happen to everyone, and we also realize a bit of paradise here also when we respect, and have compassion for the boss's other living creatures.
However, for those who shead conceit, and pride, and want to be with the boss, dying is good, but to kill yourself to achieve dying would reveal selfishness, reference to one's self...surely shooting yourself in the to speak.
Once you achieve total reference to the boss, and compassion, and respect for all the boss's creatures, you are no longer a "poor me baby"...nothing "bad" can offend understand the purpose of this physical invention of the boss's...the boss's "show, and tell".
How To Tell
Q.How can I tell when I have reached total reference to the boss?
A. You no longer get indignant when others, or nature harms you. You protect yourself, but not because it's you being offended, but because you yourself wouldn't harm, or offend. Your reference, because it's totally to the boss, includes compassion, and respect for other living things, and any feeling of superiority doesn't exist. You just feel you want to live, and let live.
Other Beliefs
Q. What are your thoughts on other beliefs, and what inspired you to invent this one?
A. None!
Plain observation, common sense, and logic inspired this will find nothing to compare to it.

Derby Brown

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