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The Model Of The USNS Wyman Re-visited


A Photographic Tour

The Happy Modeler

So as not to repeat myself, and as I put it so well back then, Click Here for the prologue to this epic undertaking.
What's with the high-ball? Click Here for significance.

Model of the USNS Wyman
Starboard View

The photographs on this, and subsequent pages were taken in July of 2002, twelve years after the completion of the model. The model sat in the garage for all that time gathering dust, and aging to the point of giving it a most realistic appearance. The camera used is the Hewlett Packard 618.

Enlargable Starboard Views
Quarter Bow

You may Click on the photo for an Enlargement. The camera was set to the least resolution for these shots..."Best" seemed worse.


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Model of the USNS Wyman
Port View

In experiments with the camera, it was found that "Good", out of a choice of "Good, Better, and Best" for picture resolution was best, and to take the pictures in natural light outdoors. I also used auto-focus for the broad shots...manual focus made no difference except in close-ups, and then auto-focus worked just as well.

Enlargable Port Views
Bow Quarter

The uneven discoloration can be attributed to different types of paint used...the wheel house was spray painted with canned spray paint.


Though mainly painted with common house latex paint, different sections got different brands, which aged differently.

Enlargable Fore, and Aft Views
Looking Aft from the Bow

Looking Forward from the Stern

This, and it's neighboring shot were taken with the camera set on "Best", and indoors. To me, the "Good" seems to have better resolution.


I also used the manual focus feature in these two shots.
Click on photo to enlarge.

Enlargable Overhead Views
Stern Boat Deck

Spacious stern. Good definition here...set camera for "Best", "Full" - ( 1600x800 ), taken indoors, so flash was triggered. You're looking down on cardboard.


Cropped photos to 640x480. "Data" ( thumbnail ) images are 225x169...HEIGHT more when needed. Lifeboats are made from writing the way.

Stack Deck Flying Bridge Aft

Lots of compound curves in forming the stack...took a day, or two to accomplish...all posterboard, and Elmer's glue.


Mast, cross-tree, shrouds, ladder, rigging, etc. was a project in itself...all paper, and paint.

Flying Bridge Forward Bow

Great Flying Bridge for sun-bathing. Always a popular place on nice days. Whip antennas came with sponsors...though never left.


Well balanced foredeck...ship was well designed. It took me four days to make the stud-link anchor chain from bell-wire...all eighteen inches of it.

Though more an exercise in camera expertise rather than the explanation of the photographed material, it must be realized that the shine of ships, and going to sea has diminished considerably...especially that for the models of them.
However, it is planned to post more select photos of the Wyman in the next pages for those who want to get down, and close. Stay tuned. stayed tuned! Click on the Ahead button below for more.


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