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Glenn Rinker News Anchor WCPX-6

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wcpx logo Dec. 20, 1984 - Newswatch 6 with Glenn Rinker and Carol Nelson (1984) WCPX was the first of the Orlando-area stations to ditch its 1950s-era studio and build a new home. Here's a clip from around 1984, shortly after WCPX made its big move.

Newswatch 6 1984  video

Channel 6 News at 11 promo 1989  video image

WCPX 6 News at 6 opening 1990
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Channel 6 The News at 10: 'The Original' 10 p.m. promo
Jan. 18 1991 -- I came across a promo from 1991 when WCPX-Channel 6 was moving its 10 o'clock newscast from a cable community access channel to WKCF, then broadcasting on channel 68. This was the first modern-day 10 p.m. newscast for Orlando. I think WSWB-Channel 35 had a 10 p.m. newscast in the early 1970s before that station went dark. This WKCF newscast remained on the air -- later produced by WESH and anchored by Bud Hedinger -- as "The Original 10:00 News" until last faIl when WKCF opted to go with sitcoms after WOFL and WRDQ started airing 10 p.m. news shows. Anyway, here's the late Glenn Rinker to fill you in on the "new" newscast on TV 68.
1991 10 p.m. News