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Glenn and his family moved to Washington D.C. where he immediately started working for WRC-TV.

Glenn outside the WRC-TV and WRC Radio Station just off
Nebraska Avenue, Washington, D.C.

Glenn’s first co-anchor at WRC was Neil Boggs and take a guess who the big “Clown” in the middle is.  Yes kiddies that is the original Ronald McDonald himself, Willard Scott. (More of Glenn, Neil and Willard)

Sometimes little Amy would like to go to the News Room with her Dad.  Here she is at his desk with Willard getting ready to do the weather.

Glenn Rinker, Willard Scott, Bud Kates (sports) and Jim Vance WRC Channel 4.

From left: Bud Kates (sports), Jim Vance, Glenn Rinker, and Willard Scott. Jim and Glenn co-anchored the newscast. Jim Vance still works at WRC-TV some 30 years later. You can read more about Jim on their web site.

Lots of clowning around on the set as is evident by some of the following pictures that cover the period that Glenn was at WRC.

Willard Scott, Glenn Rinker, Dave Sheehan, and Fred Thomas
Willard's Weather Book
Temperature - Abnormal
Humidity - All Wet
Wind - Plenty
Pressure - All Gas
Outlook for Tomorrow - Many Best Wishes!
Happy Birthday Willard!

Celebrating birthdays! Willard wears an especially wild wig for the occasion. From left: Sam Dress, Willard, Glenn, Dave Sheehan, and Fred Thomas. The cake reads: News flash from the
News Center: It's Glenn's Birthday!


Occasionally a celebrity would drop by the WRC Studio.  Glenn was friends with Carol Channing and here he is with her.

Glenn could be seen around
Washington at Embassy parties.  Here he and his wife Nancy are at Iranian Embassy with Eva Gabor and husband.