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My Maternal Grandparents

Olive Mary Peltier & Carris B. Tatro

Tatro Family Album

My Mother<>Rachel Louise Tatro

My mother, Rachel Louise Tatro, was born January 11, 1903. She married my father, Robert Milton Standley, on March 21, 1923 in Carrollton, Carroll County, Missouri. She had an abundance of naturally curly red hair, the color called "Titian red".


Most of my mother's ancestors were of French descent, with the exception of her maternal grandmother, Mary Annetta (Winfrey) Peltier. The Winfrey, Atkins, Goode, Thomas and Hardin lines were early established families from Virginia. Pierre Pelletier, son of Jean Pelletier and Andree Pommereau of France, was born in 1634, and he arrived in New France before 1671. He was my mother's 6th Great-Grandfather. Her Great-Great Grandfather, Jean-Bte. "Louison" Peltier, married Francoise Paulint, youngest daughter of Captain Antoine Paulint who fought in our Revolutionary War. Antoine Paulint was born April 24, 1734 in Grenoble, France. He was baptized 24 April 1737 at St-Paul-de-Varse, Isere
He was supposed to enter the seminary, but chose to take his older brother's place in the military. He was sent to New France and fought against the English under Montcalm. He later fought under Lafayette and Washington during the Revolutionary War, and he was afterward awarded 1000 acres in upper New York by that state. The area had been known as Corbeau but is now called Coopersville. It is in the upper part of Clinton County, New York, located very near the border with the Province of Quebec. His home was on the Big Chazy River, overlooking Lake Champlain. A history of his life may be found in the book titled "Memoirs of Antoine Paulint" written by Adela (Peltier) Reed (Mrs. William Easton Reed) and published in 1940 by her sister, Dorothy M. Peltier, and printed at the San Encino Press, Los Angeles, CA. A copy of the book is in The Library of Congress:

The Library of Congress

Memoirs of Antoine Paulint, veteran of the old French war, 1755 to 1760;...

LC Control Number: 41008522

Type of Material: Book (Print, Microform, Electronic, etc.) Brief Description: Reed, Adela Peltier.

Memoirs of Antoine Paulint, veteran of the old French war, 1755 to 1760; captain in Hazen's Second Canadian, "Congress' own" regiment, 1775 to 1783; brevet major at the close of the revolutionary war, by Adela Peltier Reed ...

Los Angeles, D.M. Peltier, 1940.

viii, [9]-61 p. plates, port, double facsim. 24 cm.

CALL NUMBER: E263.C2 P3 Copy 1 -- Request in: Jefferson or Adams Bldg General or Area Studies Reading Rms



Mathurin Tetreau was born in 1608 in Poitiers, Poitou, France. He married Marie Bernard in 1630, and their son, Louis, was born in 1634.

In 1662 Louis Tetreau sailed for New France, and he made his residence at Trois Rivieres, in the province of Quebec, Canada. He married Marie Noelle Landeau on 9 June 1663, and they had nine children. Louis and Marie Noelle Tetreau were my mother's 6thGreat-Grandparents

The Tetreau line descended in this manner, the descendants taking the "dit" name of Ducharme:
Joseph-Marie Tetreau dit Ducharme (1678-1762)
Jean-Baptiste Tetreau dit Ducharme (1714-1752)
Eustache Tetreau dit Ducharme (1744-1815)
Jean-Baptiste Tetreau dit Ducharme (1772-1819)
Bernardin Tetreau (1807-1859)
Pierre Tetreau (1826-1890)

Pierre Tetreau, my mother's grandfather, was born in Marieville, PQ, Canada on June 19, 1826. He married Emerite Bessett on February 19, 1848 at Notre-Dame de Stanbridge, PQ, Canada. Their first five children were born in the Province of Quebec, but they moved to Beaverville, Illinois, before 1861 when there son, Peter, was born. They also changed their names to the American spelling, Peter and Mary Tatro. They then moved to Sawyer, Berrien County, Michigan, where their three youngest sons were born. They lived out their lives in that community, and they are buried at Three Oaks in the Riverside Cemetery.

Carris B. Tatro and his twin brother, Orris Tatro, were born on June 7, 1869. C.B. attended the University of Notre Dame at South Bend, Indiana, for one year. Illness caused him to become almost totally deaf, and he was unable to return to college. His nephew, George Parren, also attended Notre Dame. George was only six months younger than Carris, being the son of the eldest daughter of the Tatro family, and he and C.B. were like brothers.

Carris became an apple buyer for wholesaler, John Denny of Chicago, and he met Olive Mary Peltier on a trip to Carroll Co, MO. in 1897. They were married in 1898 at the Cathedral at St. Joseph, MO. The Bishop there blessed their wedding. They were accompanied by Mr. & Mrs. Charles Peltier, her Godfather. Carris was a representative for Greening Bros. Nurseries. For many years he was a salesman for Black & Froman, Kansas City, MO. He had the first rhododendron, magnolia tree and umbrella catalpa tree in Carrollton. C.B. and Olive were the parents of three daughters, Gladys, Majel and Louise by 1903. Their next daughter, Priscilla, was born in 1910, and finally a son John was born in 1912. Mama and Papa Tatro lived out their lives in Carrollton, Missouri, and their descendants have many fond memories of them.

Rest in Peace

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