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(Related Families of: Plaiss, McVey, Burkhart, Heinke, Lloyd, Fortman, Thurman, Richey, Edmondson, Floch, Durr, & Lindley)

The Northwest Territory (areas of Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Illinois) had high native Indian populations until the late 1790's.  There were many Indian Wars in the region led by US General Anthony Wayne and General William Henry Harrison.  By 1795 several treaties were signed turning the Indian lands over to the US Government.  Further Indian uprisings occurred between 1811 -1812 but again the Indians were defeated and by 1827 most Native Indians were moved to the Kansas Territory.  The Indiana Territory was sparsely populated in 1800 but over the next 40 years the settlers came by riverboats and wagons to live in mostly the southern end of the Indiana.  Land prices were very cheap and became an inviting new frontier for people in the East.  The southern land was hilly uplands with tremendous forests. With families starting to settle the area,  Indiana (means "land of the Indians") officially became the 19th State of the United States in December 1816.
        Many Americans in the early 1800's searched out new horizons and areas for a fresh start.  Many families moved from the Eastern coastal states inland to the frontier area near the Great Lakes and along the Ohio River.   The new state of Indiana attracted many new settlers,
one family being that of RUE.
        The family of
Henry Rue was known to begin in the southern end of Indiana in the area of New Albany (incorporated in 1839) along the Ohio River in the county of Floyd. Based on several census reports, Henry Rue was born in Germany (with sometimes France listed).  In question is whether a couple of his sons, like Frederick Rue, were also born in Germany or America.  The Rues may have come between 1838 and 1845, it it not known for sure to date.  One ship, The Attica came from the Port of Havre to the Port of New York, arriving on April 4, 1834.  On board was Jacob Rue - age 34 years old, a harness maker, from Switzerland and Frederick Rue, age 5 years old, also from Switizerland.  It is unsure if Jacob was a brother of Henry.  But when they did arrive the forests were cleared in the southern end of Indiana and farms established.

Henry and wife Melinda may have arrived to America from Germany about 1831 to 1834.


The Ohio River and boat traffic helped moved the farm crops to the larger cities to the East and later the railroads covered the land by the 1850's making transportation even easier.

Rough - Rue - Ruthe - Routh - Rouche
1840 - written Routh; 1850 - written Ruthe;
1860 - written Rough; 1870 - written Rouch / Rouche;
1880 to present - written Rue

All that is known for sure on Henry was that he died in February of 1860 in New Albany, Floyd County, Indiana.  This is established due to a Will (written December 1, 1859) that was probated February 25, 1860 on Henry Rue in Floyd County.  From the Will is information that Henry's wife, Malina (Melinda) was still living as of 1860 and Henry had six children (3 sons and 3 daughters) living in 1860.  Of the six children only three we know the exact or approximate dates of birth.  Only one (Frederick Rue) of the total nine children do we have a fairly complete list of descendants.   The nine children of Henry and Malina (Melinda) Rue were:

Henry Rue, Jr. - born 1829 - possibly born in Germany (possibly near the border with France), had seven children, a widower by 1880, living in Hammond,  Spencer Co., Indiana
Frederick Rue - born Aug. 28, 1838 in New Albany, Indiana
Elizabeth Rue - born about 1839 - born in New Albany, Indiana.
Mary (Malinda) Rue - born Nov. 11, 1826 in Germany (Baveria) - married name "Dinkle"
Jacob Ru
e - birth unknown
Rue - born July 1841 in New Albany, Indiana - married name "Knieriemen"
Mary Elizabeth R
ue - born about 1833 - may have been in Germany or Indiana - married "Moore"
Rue - born about 1837 in Floyd Co., Indiana
Rue - born 1840 - 1841 in Floyd Co., Indiana - married "Love"
Henry and Melinda Rue from Germany were buried in the "Knieriemen Family Cemetery in Floyd Co."
                                      Henry died Feb. 7, 1860 and his wife, Melinda, died July 1, 187

Henry's Son -- Frederick Rue and family

He followed in his father's footsteps to farm the land in Floyd County.  But as a young man Frederick also fell in love with a girl in the area.  His ladylove was Barbara (Barbary) Ann Plaiss of New Albany.  The Plaiss (also originally spelled PLEISS or PLAIFS) family had also moved to the Indiana area before 1828.  Barbara's father, John Plaiss, was born on September 30, 1793 in Stetten am Heuchelberg, Wurtemburg, Germany and immigrated to America after serving in Napoleon's Army as a drummer boy (sometime between 1803 -1815).   Barbara's mother, Anna Barbara Floch (also spelled Flach), was born about 1807 in Pennsylvania, her parents originally from Germany as well. She and John were married August 2, 1827 in Indiana.  John Plaiss acquired 80 acres of land on May 1, 1829 and an additional 80 acres on September 9, 1835, all in Floyd County.  By 1850 census  John had 2,500 acres of land that he farmed.  But he was also very active in the German Evangelical Church in New Albany.  Barbara came from a family of 18 children (3 died as infants) and she was a middle child born October 15, 1841 to John and Anna Plaiss, in New Albany, Indiana.  It is not known when John passed away (sometime after 1853 when the last child was born) but Anna Barbara lived until 1887 and was taken care of by her son, Henry James Plaiss. In the 1880 census, in New Albany, Anna Plaiss lives with her son, Henry and his wife, Catherine.  He was working as a farmer. The sons: Lorenza and Philip live nearby with their families.

        The daughter, Barbara, at age 18 years old,  married the young 21 year old Frederick Rue on Wednesday, February 1, 1860 in their hometown.  This wedding took place just before Frederick's father's death later in the month of February.  Frederick and Barbara Rue settled into married life on their farm in Floyd County.  The children start arriving immediately with the birth of
Sally (Sarah) Rue, born on July 7, 1860.  The second child was Henry Clay Rue, born Saturday, February 15, 1862, the first name coming from his grandfather, Henry Rue.
        Between the births of the first two children, was a most difficult period in American history.  The United States was torn apart with the secession of the Southern States in February 1861.  Many young men took sides and joined either the Union or Confederate Armies.  Indiana had laws prohibiting slavery and was mostly pro-Union.  In 1861 about 200,000 soldiers from Indiana were sent to assist in preserving the Union.  If Frederick enlisted is unknown.  But by 1862 there were wide spread anti-draft riots in Indiana, mostly in the southern end of the state.

The family grew during the war years, leading to the possibly that Frederick may not have serviced or only for a few months during the Civil War.  The third child was a daughter, Lillie Rue, born September 8, 1863.  The end of the American Civil War also marked the birth of the fourth child, that of Frederick Rue, Jr., born April 22, 1865.  From that point on the family increased every year to two years on a steady basis.
        The third son was
John Rue, born April 10, 1866.  Another son, William Rue, came on February 7, 1867.  For the New Year of 1869, January 9th, a daughter was born, named Anna Rue (after Barbara's mother).  On October 17, 1870, a son was named Augustus Rue but he was always known as "Gus".
        A very special surprise was in store for the growing Rue family when on Sunday, August 18, 1872 a set of twin girls were born.  One was named 
Elizabeth Rue with the nickname of "Lizzie" and the other was Margaret Rue, nicknamed "Maggie".  This brought the total to 10 children.  But everyone worked hard on the farm and the family did quite well.
        In 1874 on February 27th another son was born, this one was named
Addison (Addie)Rue.  Next into the large Rue family was Frank Rue, born on October 7, 1876.  Again on April 3, 1878 a son was born to the family and he was named Harry Rue.  The 14th child was Florence Rue, a daughter born August 16, 1879.  That could have been the closing of the expansion of the Frederick Rue family except for 1883.   The 15th and last child was born on August 29, 1883; a son named Samuel Rue.  This made a total of nine sons and six daughters, all of whom survived into adulthood and into the 20th century, a remarkable feat for the time period.

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(about 1900)

Frederick Rue, Sr., a farmer, raised his large family and helped them establish their own way in Indiana.  In the 1880 Census they lived in Hammond, Spencer Co.  Frederick and Barbara were married 56 years when Frederick died on November 17, 1916.  Barbara went to live with her son, Harry in Spencer County, Indiana.  Based on the 1920 census they lived on 91 Locust Street in Chrisney Town, Grass, IN.  She stayed there until her death on July 16, 1929 at the age of 87 years.

The children of Frederick and Barbara Rue

Wedding Bells Ringing and Grandchildren Born from 1881 - 1919

Sally (Sarah) Rue married Charles L. Lloyd on September 25, 1881 and they had 4 children while living in Spencer County.  She was domestic servant in 1880.  Charles was born about 1861 in IN and later worked as an assessor in Spencer County. Sally lived until August 6, 1955, passing away at the age of 95 years.
Henry Clay Rue
- a separate write up on his life and family is after Samuel Rue.
Lillie (or Lillian) Rue
married George Fortman (also spelled Fourthman or Forthman) on October 26, 1890.  They had two sons and two daughters (Pete, John, Cora and Nellie) all born in Spencer County.  George passed away sometime before 1899.  Lillie remarried on February 6, 1899 to Benjamin Bingle. She and Ben had one son named Benjamin Bingle, Jr.   Lillie was the first of the 15 Frederick and Barbara Rue children to die, passing away in (March 9, 1902) or 1910 (conflict of sources).
Frederick Rue, Jr.
married Susie Thurman on May 11, 1888 in Spencer County.  They had two sons, James E. and Birdie E. Rue.  He was a farmer in Spencer Co. The son, James became a teacher and later a principal of a high school.  Frederick, Jr. passed away on January 5, 1922 in Spencer County.
John Rue
married later than the others, he did not marry until after May 12, 1919.  He married Ida Phelps who had two sons (Arthur & Homer)  from a previous marriage.  John lived in Spencer County & worked as a laborer in a tile factory. On September 11, 1948 in Rockport, John died.
William Rue
married Doris Burkhart on November 3, 1889 in Spencer County.  They had 7 children, mostly sons.  The last son, Victor E. Rue, was born in 1903.  Those others known were Robert W. Rue, born July 21, 1891, & Joe Rue, born July 1898.  In the 1920 census, William's wife, Doris was not listed; she may have died sometime between 1903 and 1920.  William died in November of 1922.

Top left:  Samuel, Elizabeth, ??, Florence, and Harry Rue

Seated left:  ??, Anna, Frederick, Sr., Barbara, Henry Clay, and Margaret Rue

(about 1900)

NOTE:  Several siblings not in photo.


Anna (or Annie) Rue married Isaac J. Burkhart on November 4, 1888.  He was born about 1860 in Clay Township.  Doris Burkhart and Isaac J. Burkhart were related (siblings).  Isaac's occupation was that of farmer. Anna and Isaac had three daughters, Bess, in 1889, Jennie in 1890 (both on November 11th) & Maggie R. Burkhart about Spencer County.  Isaac died before Anna, the date was 1923.  She remarried (date unknown) to a gentleman named Lester Wooley.  Anne died November 20, 1941 in Indiana.
Gus Rue
married Elizabeth (Lizzie) M. Richey on November 23, 1898.  They lived in Chrisney in Spencer County and it is unknown if they had any children.  Only in the 1920 census was a niece of his wife's mentioned. Gus died on October 14, 1954 in Kentucky.  But he was buried in Oakhill Cemetery in Chrisney, Indiana.  Lizzie died March 4, 1958.
Lizzie Rue
married Charley Patmore on May 18, 1891.  They too lived in Spencer County and raised six children (Fred, Otto, Lola, Frank, Leslie and Ora).  They lived for a number of years in the state of Washington.  Charley died first on Aug. 25, 1934.  Lizzie remarried to Robert Bolin on Jan. 3, 1937.   Lizzie died on April 7, 1947 and was buried in Indiana.
Maggie Rue
(Lizzie's twin) married George Richey on March 3, 1890.  George was Elizabeth Richey's brother.  Maggie and George had two sons, one in 1902 and the other in 1905 and a daughter, named Hazel Richey.  George died feb. 6, 1946 in Spencer Co. and  Maggie died on February 13, 1958 in Grandview, Spencer Co., IN.
Addison Rue
married Katie May Baum on February 26, 1898.  They had a son name Addison Jr., born Feb. 22, 1896, who became a bookkeeper. Also a  daughter named Mildred, born Nov. 21, 1899.  Addison died in 1950 in New Albany.
Frank Rue
married Debbie May Abbott on December 28, 1897.  They had a daughter named Barbara Catherine Rue on August 18, 1898.  Barbara married James C. Fuller. Frank died on November 20, 1936 in Chrisney & Debbie on Aug. 25, 1943.
Harry Rue
took care of his mother Barbara until her death in 1929.  Harry did marry Mattie E. Wolfe sometime after Jan. 1920.  Whether they had any children is unknown.  Harry died on July 23, 1936.
The youngest daughter was Florence Rue and she married a man whose last name was Partridge.  She lived until November 22, 1965.
        The baby of the Frederick Rue family was
Samuel Rue.  He had a first wife, name unknown and a son before 1920.  By Jan. 1920 census he was divorced and working as  a clerk in a factory in Cincinnati, Ohio.  He married Alta Haston about 1921in Ohio and they had three children, Barbara, born 1922, Samuel, Jr., born 1923, and William (Billy), born 1925, all born in Ohio.   Samuel died on December 19, 1974 in Batavia, Clermont County, Ohio.  He was the last of the Frederick and Barbara Rue children.
Alta Rue died Jan. 9, 1989 in Ohio, outliving Sam, Jr. (died 1983) and Billy (died 1985).  The daughter Barbara lived until 1998

RUE - means dweller in the row of houses
on the street. Also living on a path.  ROUCH - can mean a coal worker.

Many other branches of the Rues remained and still live in various counties of Indiana today.  Still others preferred another path, so began the journey of other branches of the Rue family relocating in a new vicinity to begin fresh and to help a community grow and progress into the 20th century.

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