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A Brief Biography of 
Darrell C. Richardson
Dr. Darrell C. Richardson, age 88,  is no more. He passed away after an extended bout of illness on Tuesday, September 19, 2006. Please click on this ->
thumbnail for his obituary from the Commercial Appeal here in Memphis. 
Obituary - Dr. Darrell C. Richardson


(Dr. Richardson received the 1992 Phoenix Award from the members of the 23rd DeepSouthCon. Upon that occassion, GREG BRIDGES had the following to say about Dr. Richardson.)

"A short review of Dr. Richardson's career is illuminating.

An ordained Baptist minister, a former pastor, a former Army chaplain, an active leader of the Boy Scout movement, a nationally known Western Americana collector, writer, noted genre art collector, blurb writer, crime crusader against syndicates in northern Kentucky in the early '50's, world renowned collector of genre publications, archaeologist, author of 44 books, and devoted father and husband.

His best-known book is Max Brand: The Man and His Work.

He also wrote and edited three volumes of The Edgar Rice Burroughs Library of Illustration. He had been a very active fan writer, appearing over the years in almost all of the Burroughs fanzines, as well as such zines as Microcosms and Otherworlds.

After moving to the Memphis, Tennessee, area in the 1960's, Dr. Richardson set up the first organizational meeting at his house of the SF club for all the local people interested in SF and Fantasy -- what is now the Memphis Science Fiction Association (which celebrated its 25th anniversary in 1995!). ***

Besides the Phoenix, Dr. Richardson has been awarded the E. E. Evans Big Heart Award (1982), the Lamont Award from the National Pulp Magazine convention (1986), and several others in and out of fandom.

Dr. Richardson always has fascinating tales to tell of his life (only slightly exagerated at times). He has always said one of the greatest role models in his life has been Tarzan. I believe he chose well and has lived so. "

(The preceding is reprinted from the 1997 Southern Fandom Confederation Handbook.
Here is a link to their website: SFC)

[*** Tom Foster tells this somewhat differently, stating that he -- Tom -- and some of his friends invited Darrell, Greg and others to their digs in West Memphis for the first meeting; and the had their second and subsequent meetings at Darrell's home in Memphis because the fans did not want to have to travel over the river to go to the meetings. In any case, we know that Darrell and Tom and Greg were involved in the very earliest meetings of the group that became the Mid-South Fantasy Association, later the Memphis SF Association, and now the Mid-South SF&F Association. ]

We understand that the Burroughs Bibliophiles are setting up a tribute site for Dr. Richardson. Please check back here for a link to that.  If you'd like to submit stories or info for possible future use on this site, please send email to Tim Gatewood at

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