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Acids with their common names

Acetic acid Found in vinegar
Amino acid The basis of proteins
Ascorbic acid Vitamin C
Carbolic acid or phenol Used in disinfectant soap
Citric acid Found in lemons and other citrus fruits
Deoxyribonucleic acid DNA, the basis of chromosomes
Formic acid Occurs naturally in ants
Hydrochloric acid Found in dilute form in digestive juices
Lactic acid Found in sour milk
Malic acid Found in unripe apples and other fruit
Nitric acid Corrosive acid used in explosives production and rocket fuels
Nitrohydrochloric acid Used to dissolve platinum and gold and to test metals
Prussic acid / Hydrocyanic acid Cyanide compound - a favourite poison in fiction
Ribonucleic acid RNA, found in all living cells. Essential for protein production
Salicylic acid Used as the basis for aspirin
Sulphuric acid Dangerous and corrosive acid used widely in industry
Tannic acid Found in tea and used in tanning and clarifying beer and wine
Tartaric acid Used in baking powder
Uric acid Cause, when unregulated, of gout.

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