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? to Ann
Ann to Clara
Clara to Elizabeth
Elizabeth to Emma
Emma to Helen
Hilda to Margaret
Margaret to Mary
Mary to Mary
Mary to Sarah
Sarah to Sarah Ann
Sarah Ann to 1 ?
2 ? to Janet ?
Pete ? to Esau Allen
George Thomas Allen to William Allin
Gladys Allmark to Jane Arters
Sarah Arters to Kelly M Artess
Kenneth Albert Artess to Esther Arthers
Hannah Arthers Arthurs to Dorothy Isabel Arthurs
Dorothy Sarah Arthurs to Henry Arthurs
Henry Arthurs to Shelia R Arthurs
Sidney Daniel Arthurs to Elizabeth Artis
Elizabeth Artis to Alice Mary Artiss
Amelia Artiss (Minnie) to Edward S Artiss
Edwin Artiss to Henrietta Artiss
Henry Artiss to Marion Georgina Artiss
Mary Artiss to Shaunda Artiss
Sidney Everest Artiss to Albert James Artus
Alfred Artus to Gertrude May Artus
Hannah Artus to Rachel lisa Artus
Reuben Artus to Dorothy Alice Ashford
Edith Ashford to Elijah Badson
Jason Badson to Arthur Frederick Bartlett
Charles Bartlett to Hannah Bartlett
Hannah Bartlett to Rebecca Bartlett
Richard Lionel Pene Bartlett to John Bate
Lillian Bate to Frances Bell
Francisca Bell to Mary Ann Bishop
Matthew Priest BISHOP to Benjamin Rhodes Brian
Beryl Clare Brian to ? Buller
Thomas Buller to William Cann
George Capewell to Joseph Chatwin
mary Chatwin to Joyce L Clayton
Trevor W Clayton to John Cookes
John Cookes to Harriet Cox
James Cox to James Cutler
James Cutler to John Davis
Mary Davis to Timothy Day
William Day to Joseph Dipple
Joseph Dipple to Henry Dutton
Henry Dutton to Bertie Edwards
Ellen L Edwards to Canon Herbert B Elkin
Catherine Elkin to Florence Elkin
Florence Elkin to Jane Elkin
Jane Elkin (Jennie) to Mary Ann Elkin
Mary Ann Elkin to Thomas Elkin
Thomas Elkin to William John Elkin
William Wheeler Elkin to Thomas Farnsworth
Thomas Farnsworth to Elizabeth Fenemore
Elizabeth Fenemore to John Fenemore
John Fenemore to Susanna Fenemore
Thomas Fenemore to Jane Fenimore
John Fenimore to Charlotte Ann Fennemore
Comfort Fennemore to Ann Fennimore
Ann Fennimore to William Fennimore
William Fennimore to Frances Fifield
Esther Finable to Joseph Finnemore
Joseph Finnemore to Abraham Fisher
Abraham Fisher to Allen John Fisher
Alma Fisher to Caroline Fisher
Caroline Fisher to Edith Annie Fisher
Edith Emily Fisher to Eliza J Fisher
Eliza Jane Fisher to Ernest Fisher
Ernest J Fisher to George Fisher
George Fisher to Harriet Fisher
Harriet Fisher to Jane Fisher
Jane Fisher to John Fisher
John Fisher to John Fisher
John Fisher to Joseph Edwin Fisher
Joseph William Fisher (Billy) to Maria Fisher
Maria Fisher to Matilda Fisher
Matilda May Fisher to Phoebe Fisher
Phyllis May Fisher to Sarah Fisher
Sarah Fisher to Terry Fisher
Thomas Fisher to Walter Fisher
Walter Fisher to William Fisher
William Fisher to James Flourance
Robert Folkes to Curtis Norman Gabrielson
Heidi Gabrielson to Mary Gough
Ann Grace to Frederick Grafton
George Grafton to Louise Green
Mary Green to Mary Ann Guest
Peter M Guest to Alfred Henry Hall
Alfred Henry Hall to Eliza Hall
Eliza Hall to Harriett Hall
Harry Hall to Maria E M Hall
Martha Hall to Thomas Hall
Thomas Hall to Thomas HARPER
Willia. HARPER to William Hartis
William Hartis to Rachel D Hartiss
Reginald Cowley Hartiss to Elizabeth Hawkes
Henry Sidney Hawkes to Jane Hemus
Joseph Hemus to Mary Hickman
Nikki Hickman to Sarah Holden
Thomas Holden to John E Howell
Stanley E A Howell to Mary Jane Jackson
Richard Jackson to Kathleen Agnes Jones
Keith David Jones to Elsie Rebecca Kite
Emma Kite to John Lea
Joseph Lea to Ann Lees
Ann Lees (Annie) to Ellen Lees
Emily Lees to James Lees
James Lees to Joseph Lees
Joseph Lees to Mary Lees
Mary Lees to Sarah Lees
Sarah Lees to William Lees
William Lees to Betty Littlewood
Jean Littlewood to Henry MacNicholls
John Makepeace to John Meacham
Lillie Meacham to Alice Isabella Mills
Constance Rosa Mills to Jemima Myatt
Samuel Myatt to Charles L Nokes
Dorothea A Nokes to Arthur Owen
Charlotte Owen to James Owen
James Owen to Raymond Owen
Robert James Owen to Margaret Ann Pargeter
Benjamin J B Parker to John Parkes
John Parkes to Samuel Parkes
Samuel Parkes to Marjorie Lilian Hugh Parnell
Richard Parrons to Mary Parsons
Mary Parsons to Roy Petithory
Ethel Phasey to Gladys Price
John Price to Ida Ellen Alice Rawlings
Edith Caroline Raynes to Ann Rhodes
Ann Rhodes to Emma Rhodes
Emma Rhodes to John Rhodes
John Rhodes to Philip Rhodes
Philip Rhodes to William Rhodes
William Rhodes to Annie Rudge
David Rudge to Howard Shakespeare
John Shakespeare to George Slade
Rosemary Slade to George Smith
George Smith to Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith to John W Stanley
Ann Stanton to ? Swatman
? Swatman to Henry Alfred Swatman
Ida Swatman to Nicholas Swatman
Phoebe Swatman to Margaret Sweatman
Mary Sweatman to Mary Ann Sweetman
Mary Elizabeth Sweetman to Ann Taplin
Ann Taplin to Ellen Taplin
Ellen E Taplin to John Taplin
John Taplin to Michael Taplin
Nelly Taplin to Thomas Taplin
Unknown Taplin to Mary Ann Taylor
Nancy Taylor to Mary Ann Tinson
Mary Elisabeth Tinson to Fredrick William Townsend
George Townsend to William Townsend
William Townsend to Unk P8283 Underhill
Caroline A Underhill to Katherine Walham
? Walker to Ann Walker
Ann Walker to Betty Walker
Betty Walker to Edgar William Walker
Edith Walker to Elizabeth Walker
Elizabeth Walker to George Walker
George Walker to Harriet Walker
Harriet Walker to James Walker
James A Walker to John Walker
John Walker to Joseph Walker
Joseph Walker to Mary Walker
Mary Walker to Phoebe Walker
Phoebe Walker to Sarah Walker
Sarah Walker to Thomas Walker
Thomas Walker to Thomas Walker
Thomas B Walker to William Walker
William Walker to Henry Walton
Henry Walton to Alma Elizabeth Watkinson
Alma Elizabeth Watkinson to Ann West
Brian John Weston to Mary Whitehouse
Sidney Frances Alan Whitehouse to Ronald Ernest Wiley
Bette Wilkes to Mary Wilkins
Mary Ann Wilkins to Elizabeth Willetts
Alison P Williams to Sarah Woodward
Norman James Wooster to Elizabeth YOUNGS

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