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Hannah Arthers Arthurs
b. 1779 in,Shorthampton,OXF Arthurs, d. 17 Mar 1843 in,Ascott Under Wychwood,OXF
  1. Husband: William Quarterman
    Married: 20 Mar 1801 in All Saints,Shorthampton,OXF Arthurs William of Ascot Hannah otp wit: Thomas Hoar Susannah Arthurs banns

    1. John Quarterman
    2. William Quarterman
    3. Luke Quarterman
    4. George Quarterman
    5. Mark Quarterman
    6. Matthew Quarterman
    7. Arthur Quarterman
Henry Arthers
b. 1824, d. 1826
James Arthers
b. 1800,
  1. Wife: Elizabeth Houndslow
    Married: 28 Oct 1822 in Charlbury,OXF James of Fawler itp Elizabeth of Stonesfield wit: James Turtle & Dinah Oliver banns Oct 1822 Stonesfield banns only

    1. Charlotte Arthers
    2. Ann Arthers
Jane Arthers Arthurs
b. 07 Nov 1762 in Shorthampton,OXF,

  1. Children:
    1. John Arthers
Jane Arthers
b. 1806 in,Charlbury,OXF Arthers,
  1. Husband: Thomas Buller
    Married: 27 Sep 1824 in,Charlbury,OXF Arthers botp wit: John Williams Docey(Theodosia) Arthers banns
Jane Arthers
b. 1841 in,Pudlicott,OXF Jun Arthers Athurs Chipping Norton 16 46,
John Arthers senior
b. ABT 1710,
John Arthers Arthurs
b. 1765 in Shorthampton,OXF, d. 1840
Occupation: in Fifield,OXF
  1. Wife: Ann Unknown
    Married: BEF 1789

    1. Richard Arthers Arthurs
    2. William Arthurs
    3. Elizabeth Arthurs
    4. Thomas Arthus
    5. John Arthers
    6. Stephen Slater Arthurs Arthers
    7. Susanna Arthurs Arthers
    8. Daniel Arthurs
    9. Ann Artus Arthurs Arthers
John Arthers
b. 1786 in Shorthampton,OXF,
John Arthers
b. 1797 in,Fifield,OXF, d. Apr 1824 in Fifield,OXF
Joseph Alfred Arthers
b. 1856 in Solihull,WAR,
Mary Arthers Arthurs
b. 1767, d. 07 Feb 1839 in Chilson,OXF
  1. Husband: John Bartlett
    Married: 09 Nov 1789 in Shorthampton,OXF 09 Nov 1789 in Shorthampton,OXF

    1. Edward Bartlett
    2. William Bartlett
    3. Charles Bartlett
    4. Sophia Bartlett
    5. Peter Bartlett
    6. David Bartlett
    7. Mark Bartlett
    8. John Bartlett
Mary Arthers
b. ABT 1768 in OXF Arthers,
  1. Husband: John Bartlett
    Married: 09 Nov 1789 in All Saints,Shorthampton,OXF Arthers botp wit: Thomas Hoar Sarah Wells banns
Mary Arthers
b. 1814,
Mary Arthers
b. 1815,
Rebecca Arthers
b. 1804 in,Charlbury,OXF, d. Mar 1804 in,Charlbury,OXF
Richard Arthers Arthurs
b. 1789 in,Fifield,OXF, d. Jul 1823 in Milton
Sarah Arthers
b. ABT 1773 in OXF,
  1. Husband: Robert Waring
    Married: 13 Oct 1793 in All Saints,Shorthampton,OXF Arthers botp wit Ann Arthers John Hemmins banns
Susannah Arthers Arthurs
b. Mar 1774 in Shorthampton,OXF,
Thomas Arthers
b. 1828 in Woodstock,OXF,
  1. Wife: Ann Louisa Price
    Married: 17 Jul 1854 in Solihull Thomas Arthers full ba forgeman West Bromwich Thomas Arthers farmer Ann Louisa Price full sp Solihull William Price confectioner banns wit: Thomas Price & Mary Wall

    1. Ann Louisa Arthers
    2. Joseph Alfred Arthers
    3. Esther Arthers
    4. Elizabeth Arthers
William Arthers
d. ABT 1785
William Arthers
b. ABT 1740,
William Arthers
b. 1826,
James Arthis
b. Jun 1860 in St Georges,Hanover Sq 1a 160,
George Arthur
b. Dec 1854 in Chipping Norton, d. Sep 1870 in Chipping norton age 16
George Henry Arthur
b. Jun 1839 in Abingdon, d. Jun 1840 in Abingdon
Ada Eliza Arthurs
b. 1864 in Stow,GLS age 23 mar 1887,
  1. Husband: Frederick George Miller
    Married: 29 Sep 1887 in Burford with Fulbrook,OXF sp 23 dau of Stephen Arthurs carpenter wit: Frank Arthurs
Ada M. Arthurs
b. ABT 1885 in Fifield,OXF,
Ada Maria Arthurs
b. ABT 1879 in Great Rissington,GLS,
  1. Husband: George Francis Newman
    Married: BEF 1913

    1. Elsie May Newman
Agnes Elizabeth Arthurs
b. 03 Mar 1851 in Fifield,OXF, d. 1935 in Ascott Under Wychwood,OXF
  1. Husband: John Meadows

    1. Eva Agnes Meadows Arthurs
    2. Florence Sarah Elizabeth Meadows
    3. John Ernest Richard Meadows
    4. Myra Meadows
    5. Agnes Jane Elizabeth Meadows
    6. Susan Harriett Meadows
  2. Husband: Unknown Evans
Agnes Elizabeth Arthurs
bapt. 29 May 1887,
Albert (Herbert) E. Arthurs
b. ABT 1877,
Albert Edward Arthurs
b. 1897 in Stow on the Wold,GLS,
Albert V. Arthurs
b. ABT 1887 in Enstone,OXF,
Alice Arthurs
b. 1863 in Little Rissington,GLS,
Alice J Arthurs
b. 1888 in East Hanney,BRK,
Alice May Arthurs
b. 1899 in Fifield,OXF,
Allan J Arthurs
Amy Elizabeth Arthurs
bapt. 17 Oct 1903,
Ann Arthurs
b. 1764 in Hawkesbury,GLS,
Ann Arthurs
b. Jun 1808 in Ascot under Wychwood,
Ann Arthurs
b. 1852 in Stow on the Wolds,GLS,
Annie Arthurs
b. ABT 1886 in Fifield,OXF,
Charles Arthurs
b. 1852 in Lower Swell,GLS,
  1. Wife: Martha Pulham

    1. Frederick A or C Arthurs
    2. John H or T Arthurs
    3. Gertrude M Arthurs
    4. Frank Arthurs
    5. Florence L Arthurs
    6. Laura M Arthurs
    7. Alice J Arthurs
Charles Albert Arthurs
b. 1896 in Stow on the Wold,GLS,
Christopher John Arthurs
b. 1899 in Stow on the Wold,GLS,
Clara Jane Arthurs
b. 1862 in Fifield,OXF,
Daniel Arthurs
b. 1807 in,Fifield,OXF, d. Sep 1880 in Stow on the Wold,GLS age 75 6a 231
  1. Wife: Ann
    Married: BEF 1827

    1. Edward Arthurs
    2. Thomas Arthurs
    3. William Arthurs
Daniel Arthurs
b. 1869 in Little Rissington,GLS,
Dorothy Isabel Arthurs
b. Mar 1893 in Stow on the Wold,GLS 6a 388,

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