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Dorothy Sarah Arthurs
b. 1895 in Fifield,OXF,
Douglas Harold Arthurs
b. 1904 in Burford,OXF, bur.23 Aug 1904 in Burford,OXF age 27 days Burford
Edith Harriet Arthurs
b. 1858 in,Fifield,OXF Arthurs,
Edward Arthurs
b. ABT 1823 in,Fifield,OXF Arthurs, d. Dec 1879 in Burford,OXF
  1. Wife: Sarah Miles
    Married: Sep 1849 in Witney 16 230

    1. Frank Artiss
    2. Frederick Arthurs
    3. Florence Arthurs
    4. Lewin Stephen Athurs
Edward Arthurs
b. 1827 in no OXF,
Edward Stephen Arthurs
b. ABT 1872 in Little Rissington,GLS,
  1. Wife: Rose

    1. Albert Edward Arthurs
    2. Frank Arthurs
Edwin Arthurs
b. 1865 in,Fifield,OXF Arthurs, bur.10 Dec 1930 in Fifield,OXF
Edwina M Arthurs
Eldia May Arthurs
b. 1890 in Stow on the Wold,GLS,
Elizabeth Arthurs
b. 1793 in,Fifield,OXF,
Elizabeth Comfort Arthurs
bapt. 22 Jun 1705 in Stow On The Wold, Gloucester, England,
Ella Amanda Arthurs
b. ABT 1868,
  1. Husband: W. G. Burrows
Ellen Arthurs
b. Jun 1898 in,Chipping Norton,OXF Arthurs 3a 930,
Ellen Arthurs
b. Jun 1898 in Fifield,OXF Chipping Norton 3a 930,
Elsie Adorah Arthurs
b. ABT 1868,
  1. Husband: Edward Porter
Elsie Harriet Arthurs
b. 1892 in Fifield,OXF,
Emily Arthurs
b. 1860 in Lower Swell,GLS, d. 1870
Emily Elizabeth Arthurs
b. 1868 in Little Rissington,GLS,
Emily Hannah Arthurs
b. ABT 1890 in Fifield,OXF,
Ernest Richard Arthurs
b. 1858 in Fifield,OXF, bur.24 Dec 1923
Occupation: 31 Mar 1901 in Fifield,OXF
  1. Wife: Sarah A. Bond
    Married: 26 Jun 1882 in St Nicholas,Idbury,OXF Arthurs Ernest Richard 24 hurdle maker of Fifield so Richard hurdle maker Bond Sarah Ann 22 do William Bond lab banns wit: John Lambert Matilda Bond

    1. William Arthurs
    2. Ernest Richard Arthurs
    3. Agnes Elizabeth Arthurs
    4. Emily Hannah Arthurs
    5. Elsie Harriet Arthurs
    6. Dorothy Sarah Arthurs
    7. Reginald J Arthurs
    8. Alice May Arthurs
    9. Amy Elizabeth Arthurs
Ernest Richard Arthurs
bapt. 28 Dec 1884 in Fifield,OXF, bur.15 Nov 1890 in Fifield,OXF
Fanny Arthurs
b. 1871 in Stow on the Wold,GLS,
Florence Arthurs
b. 1858 in Burford,OXF,
Florence J. Arthurs
b. ABT 1885 in Fifield,OXF,
Florence L Arthurs
b. 1883 in East Hanney,BRK,
Francis Arthurs
  1. Wife: ELIZEBETH

    1. Thomas Arthurs
    2. Richard Arthurs
    3. Francis Arthurs
    4. Francis Arthurs
    5. Elizabeth Comfort Arthurs
Francis Arthurs
  1. Wife: ELIZEBETH

    1. John Arthurs
Francis Arthurs
bapt. 17 Apr 1698 in Stow On The Wold, Gloucester, England,
Francis Arthurs
bapt. 11 May 1701 in Stow On The Wold, Gloucester, England,
Frank Arthurs
b. 1882 in East Hanney,BRK,
Frank Arthurs
b. 1901 in Stow on the Wold,GLS,
Frederick Arthurs
b. Sep 1834 in Fifield,OXF, d. 1904 in Fifield,OXF
  1. Wife: Harriett Rawlings
    Married: 13 Jul 1861 in Fifield,OXF Frederick full miller Stepehen Arthurs miler Harreit full William Rwalings Clerk & Plasterer wit:Edward Rawlings,Letitia Rawlings banns

    1. Alice Arthurs
    2. Frederick William Arthurs
    3. Harriet Elizabeth Arthurs
    4. Emily Elizabeth Arthurs
    5. Daniel Arthurs
    6. Mary Letitie Arthurs
    7. Edward Stephen Arthurs
    8. John Thomas Arthurs
    9. George Albert Arthurs
Frederick Arthurs
b. 1854 in Lower Swell,GLS,
Frederick Arthurs
b. 1855 in,Fifield,OXF,
Frederick Arthurs
b. ABT 1889 in Chedworth,GLS,
Frederick A or C Arthurs
b. 1877 in Lower Swell,GLS,
Frederick Ernest Arthurs
b. 1891 in Stow on the Wold,GLS,
Frederick H Arthurs
b. 1855 in,Fifield,OXF Arthurs,
  1. Wife: Hannah
    Married: BEF 1881
Frederick Walter Arthurs
b. 1879 in,Fifield,OXF Arthurs,
Frederick William Arthurs
b. 1864 in Little Rissington,GLS, d. 16 Feb 1949 in Porchester,HAM, UK
Occupation: in Farm Baliff and Methodist Lay Preacher
  1. Wife: Eliza Mills
    Married: 1888 in Bourton on the Water

    1. Eldia May Arthurs
    2. Frederick Ernest Arthurs
    3. Dorothy Isabel Arthurs
    4. Violet Mary Arthurs
    5. Christopher John Arthurs
George Albert Arthurs
b. ABT 1876 in Little Rissington,GLS,
George Charles Arthurs
b. Dec 1881 in Fifield,OXF, d. Jun 1943 in Chipping Norton age 73
George Henry S Arthurs
b. 1879 in,Fifield,OXF Arthurs, d. Mar 1958 in Oxford age79
Gertrude I Arthurs
Gertrude M Arthurs
b. 1880 in Lower Swell,GLS,
Gertrude M. Arthurs
b. ABT 1880 in Lower Swell,GLS,
Harold S. Arthurs
b. ABT 1891 in Fifield,OXF,
Harriet Elizabeth Arthurs
b. 1866 in Little Rissington,GLS,
Harriett Arthurs
b. 1866 in Little Rissington,GLS,
Henry Arthurs
b. 1872 in,Fifield,OXF Arthurs,

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