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Joseph William Fisher (Billy)
b. 26 May 1887 in,Kings Norton,WOR, d. Mar 1967 in Birmingham William J Fisher Birth Date: abt 1887 Date of Registration: Jan-Feb-Mar 1967 Age at Death: 80 Registration district: Birmingham Inferred County: Warwickshire Volume: 9c Page: 424
  1. Wife: Adelaide Headley
    Married: Mar 1908 Kings Norton 6c 599

    1. Ted Fisher (Ted)
    2. Neil Fisher
    3. Joan Fisher
    4. Stanley Fisher
Josephine Margaret Fisher
Josiah Fisher
b. 1783 in,Tipton,STS,
Josiah Fisher
b. 1837 in Tipton,STS,
Josiah Fisher
b. 1864 in,West Bromwich,STS,
Josiah Fisher
b. 1894 in West Bromwich,STS,
Joyce Fisher
b. 1733/4, d. 15 Mar 1733/4 in,Tipton,STS of Joseph & Isabell
Joyce Fisher
Julia Fisher
b. Jun 1900 in,Kings Norton,WOR 6c 440,
Kate Fisher
b. Sep 1861 in,Kings Norton,WOR 6c 383,
Kate Fisher
b. Sep 1873 in Kings Norton 6c 441,
Kathleen Fisher
b. Dec 1898 in Kings Norton 6c 466,
Kathleen Amy Fisher
b. Dec 1896 in Kings Norton 6c 419,
Kathleen Barbara Fisher
b. Jun 1901 in Kings Norton 6c 451,
Kathleen Marjorie Fisher
b. Mar 1895 in Kings Norton 6c 463,
Ken Fisher
Lavinia Ellen Fisher
b. Mar 1875 in Kings Norton 6c 444,
Leonard Lewis Fisher
b. Sep 1899 in Kings Norton 6c 485,
Leslie Austin Fisher
b. Mar 1905 in Kings Norton 6c 392,
Leslie Walter Fisher
b. Mar 1903 in Kings Norton 6c 408,
Lewis Edward Fisher
b. Jun 1893 in Kings Norton 6c 458, d. Jun 1893 in Kings Norton 6c 235 age 0
Lilian Fisher
b. 1880 in Selly Oak,WOR,
Lilian May Fisher
b. Dec 1895 in Kings Norton 6c 489,
Lilian May Fisher
b. Sep 1905 in 12 Shirley Rd,Cotteridge,Kings Norton,WOR 6c 393,
  1. Husband: Charles H Cooper
    Married: Jun 1922 in Kings Norton 6d 364
Lillian Fisher
b. Dec 1880 in Kings Norton 6c 447,
Lillie Fisher
Lily Fisher
b. 1889 in Kings Heath,WOR,
Lily Fisher
b. Mar 1899 in,Kings Norton,WOR 6c 461, d. Mar 1899 in Kings Norton 6c 272 age 0
Lily C Fisher
b. 26 Jul 1914 in Birmingham, d. Jun 2003 in Worcester Lily Christiana Gadsdon Birth Date: 26 Jul 1914 Death Registration Month/Year: Jun 2003 Age at death (estimated): 88 Registration district: Worcester Inferred County: Worcestershire Register number: B77E District and Subdistrict: 527/1B Entry number: 120
  1. Husband: Alfred James Gadsdon
    Married: Jun 1937 in Birmingham
Louis Edward Fisher
b. Jun 1893 in,Kings Norton,WOR 6c 455,
Louis Henry Fisher
b. Mar 1903 in,Kings Norton,WOR 6c 399,
Louisa Fisher
b. Jun 1853 in,Kings Norton,WOR 6c,
Louisa Fisher
b. 1875 in Birmingham,
Louisa Fisher
b. Jun 1875 in Kings Norton 6c 423,
Louisa Fisher
b. Sep 1900 in,Kings Norton,WOR 6c 373, d. Sep 1900 in Kings Norton 6c 215 age 0
Lucy Fisher
b. Dec 1898 in Kings Norton 6c 395,
Lucy Jane Fisher
b. Jun 1890 in Kings Norton 6c 4(568)0,
Lucy Lilly Fisher
b. Mar 1872 in,Kings Norton,WOR 6c 453, d. 29 Jul 1941 M.I. age 69
  1. Husband: George A Coney
    Married: Mar 1931 in Birmingham South Coney
Lydia Fisher
b. 1846, d. Dec 1894 in Kings Norton 6c 246 age 48
Lydia Fisher
b. 1891 in Birmingham,
male Fisher
b. 1745,
Margaret Fisher
d. 1732 bur.15 Oct 1732 in,Tipton,STS
Margaret Fisher
b. 20 Dec 1807 in Tipton,STS,
Margaret Fisher
b. 1897 in Wolverhampton,STS,
Margaret Elizabeth Fisher
b. Sep 1898 in Kings Norton 6c 455,
Margery Kathleen Fisher
b. 1915 in 57 Watford Rd,Kings Norton,WOR, d. 27 Aug 2003 FISHER Marjorie. Died peacefully on Wednesday, August 27, 2003, aged 88 years. Beloved aunt of Margaret, Gillian and Ian and great aunt of Louise and Daniel. Service at Lodge Hill Crematorium, Thursday, September 11 at 3:30 p.m. Family flowers only, donat
Margery Millicent Fisher
b. Dec 1902 in Kings Norton 6c 494,
Maria Fisher spinster

Occupation: 1917 in 215 Pershore Rd,Kings Norton,Birmingham,WAR milliner
Maria Fisher spinster
Maria Fisher
b. 07 Jul 1800,

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