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Company G


Ainley, J.O., Private
Ainley, William, Private
Alstro, Frederick, Corporal, also listed as Frederick Elstro
Angele, William, Musician
Arnold, A.C, Private, also served engineers corps.
Autry, J.M., Private
Ballinger, John, Captain
Beckman, Rudolph, Private
Beiser, Nicholas, Private
Berlemann, Frederick, Private
Betts, Michael, Private
Biermann, Henry, Private
Biggers, I.G., Private
Biggers, J., Private
Bilger, John, Private
Black, Cyrus, Captain
Blount, Isaac, Private
Blount, William, Private, also shown as William Blunt
Blunt, J.C,  Private
Blunt, William, Private, also shown as William Blount
Bohanan, F, Private
Bohanan, W., Private
Bohonan, L., Private
Breeding, W.F., Private
Burgart, Engel, Sergeant, also served 15th MO Infantry
Burghardt, Engelhartt, Sergeant, also shown as Engelhartt Burghardt
Burgmann, Martin, Private
Cagle, H.
Cahen, Ferdinand, Sergeant
Cambell, G., Private
Canada, H.A., Captain
Cartwright, A., Private
Chesser, F.M., Private
Chesser, William, Private
Chism, J., no rank listed
Cleveland, William, A., Private
Coles, J.M., Private
Condra, W.C., 2nd Lieut., AKA W.C., Condray
Conrad, Charles, Private
Courret, Louis, Chaplain
Crabb, F., Private
Crabb, J., Private
Crabb, T., Private
Crawson, S.A., Private
Cross, William, Sergeant
Dallmeyer, Ferdinand, Lieut.
Davis, S., Private
Dice, T.W.,
Dixon, John, Private
Dreyer, William, Sergeant
Driskill, H., Private
Duff, A.J., Private
Dunn, C.W., Sergeant
Dunn, W.H., 1st Lieut.
Elstro, Frederick, Corporal, also listed as Frederick Alstro
Engel, William, 3rd Sergt.
Eubanks, Edmund V., Private
Fehl, George, Private
Felmenden, Henry, Private
Forster, William, Sergeant
Foster, Michael, Private
Franken, Philipp, Sergeant
Freiner, Frederick, Private
Graham, S., Private
Graham, J.M., Private
Greig, Andrew, 1st Sergeant
Griffin, M., Private
Harris, G.W., 3rd Lieut.
Harris, M.D., Private
Harrison, Thomas M., Private
Hartmann, Charles, Private
Hedrick, F.O., Private
Hedrick, J.F., Private
Hehn, John, Private
Heil, George, Private
Hener, Fred G., Private
Henry, James, Private
Hicks, J.A., Private
Hill, S.A.,
Hoffman, Frederick, Private
Hoffmann, George, Private
Hogue, J., Private
House, T., Sergeant
Hudson, E., Private
Hunter, John, Private
Jacoby, Henry, Private
Kasten, Charles L, Adjutant
Kelley, J., Private
Keyes, J., Private
Keyes, L., Private
Kraft, Francis, Private
Kraft, Gustav, Private
Kuschel, Ferdinand, Wagoner,
Latham, R., Private
Laughlin, Eli, Sergeant
Laux, Louis, Private
Lettrell, A.J., Private
Loughlin, Eli, Sergeant
Lumpkins, C.O., Private
Lumpkins, W.L., Private
Luttrell, A.J., Private
Mainer, M.A.
Malone, J.S., Private
Marks, Ferdinand, Corporal
Martin, J.C., Sergeant
McAferty, David, 3rd Lieut
McAffee, David, 3rd Lieut.
McCafferty, David, 3rd Lieut.
McCann, E.W., Private
McGee, J., Private
McGill, W.A., Corporal
McGuire, J.B.
McGuire, J.F., Sergeant
McNabb, F.A., Sergeant
Medlin, H.W., Private
Meier, Henry, Private
Meier, Henry W., Private
Meier, John, Private
Meier, John L, Private
Miller, A., Private
Milles, Michael, Private
Mires, H.J., Private
Moore, E., Private
Morgan, J., Private
Muller, Gustave A., Musician
Muller, Julius, Corporal
Murrell, D., Private
Murrell, David, Private
Murray, A.H., Private
Neuman, J., Private
Niehaus, Henry, Private
North, J., Private
Oberdeck, John, Private
Obermeyer, Bernard, Corporal
Pery, George T., Private
Peters, T.
Pfannkuche, Henry, Private
Reeves, J.W., Private
Renn, Jacob, Private
Reynolds, D.W., Captain
Reynolds, H.
Reynolds, J.
Rhoades, T.H., Private
Rische, August, Sergeant
Roach, William, Private
Romer, John, Private
Schaaf, John, Private
Scheibel, John, Corporal
Schmidt, Henry, Private
School, Samuel, Private
Schumacher, Henry, Private
Schuster, William, Musician
Schweitzer, Joseph, Private
Schweitzer, Leopold, Private
Schwetz, Charles, Corporal
Seeback, Wolff, Private
Seligmann, Valentine, Private
Siebel, August, Private
Small, Gottfried, Corporal
Smith, Henry, Corporal
Stahlhut, William, Corporal
Stegemeier, Bernhard, Private
Stockhammer, Ferdinand, Sergant
Stockhammer, Joseph, Private
Sutter, John, Private
Vasar, Robert M., Private
Vasser, Daniel, Private
Viering, William, Private
Vorst, Joseph, Lieut.
Wallman, Frederick, Lieut.
Walter, Louis, Musician
Warren., L.S., Private
Watson, G.J., Private
Watson, G.W., Private
Watson, S.W., Private
Watson, T.J., Private
Watson, W.H., Private
Watson, W.M., Private
Webb, J., Private
Weiss, Conrad, Private
Wenker, Frederick, Private
White, F., Private
White, T.J., Private
Whitehead, J.F., Private
Whitehead, M., Private
Wieneck, Andrew, Private
Wilkerson, D.
Williams, J.
Williams, J.P.
Wings, G.W., Private
Winningham, C.
Winningham, G.W., Private
Wolf, F.N., 1st Lieut.
Woodard, E.R.,
Woodard, F.
Woodard, W.
Wunsch, Joseph, Private

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