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Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

Do you need to use CSS?  Or not?

First of all, you definitely need something to organize your page - be it Cascading Styles Sheets (CSS) or Tables.  Just doing straight typing and inserting images on your pages can sometimes result in some odd-looking pages when viewed in different browsers and resolutions because if you don't tell a browser how to display it, the browser just does what fits best and it can look awful strange.  Using tables or CSS helps you to organize your information on the page and make it appear the way you want without things moving around based on what type of browser or resolution your visitor has.

Check out these arguments for/against tables and CSS:

  • Some places on the internet talk about using tables as "old" standards for webpage development - that you should use CSS instead.
  • However, there are also some older browsers that don't run CSS correctly and you definitely want to have every possible visitor to your site see it correctly. 
  • On the other hand, you can also "place" things on your page more accurately with CSS. 
  • Although some individuals who've tried CSS say that you can't do "everything" in CSS and so they've dropped it and moved back to tables.
  • But one of the really neat things with CSS is that if it's set up correctly you can change the setup of every page on your site by changing the CSS file.

As you can tell, there are two schools of thought on tables vs CSS.  I use tables on my site because I already knew how to do them in Microsoft products; therefore I didn't have to find time to learn how to use CSS.  In addition, I didn't really know hardly anything about CSS when I started developing my site several years ago.  Would I use Tables or CSS if I was developing my site now?  I don't know.

Which you choose is up to you.  If you decide to try CSS, check out some of the links below. 

The links below include style sheet generators to help you create your style sheet,  tutorials on working with CSS, and a lot of other information.   



Links to other sites and information on CSS:


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