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Where can I publish my site

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or Online Service (i.e. AOL) - Many service providers will give you a certain amount of space to publish your own website. 

  • Pros -

    • you can put anything you want on your website; usually no ads

  • Cons -

    • there is usually a limit to the amount of space you have

    • if you change providers, you will need to move your site

Your Genealogy Software manufacturer - If you use a genealogy program, many of the major ones allow you to publish your information on their website.

  • Pros -

    • the website is often pre-configured and loads quickly

  • Cons -

    • there is usually a limit to the amount of space you have

    • you may not have the freedom to change it as you wish

Web Hosting Services

Free - There are several web hosting services where you can put your website for free.  Some are specific to a certain type of information - RootsWeb for one.  Some give you a limited amount of space (not FreePages!).  In exchange for the free service, many will put ads on your pages.  But it's free!

For a fee - There are many web hosting services where you can pay a monthly or annual fee and publish your site.  Some have limited space, others have a limit so high that it might as well be unlimited.


Here's a link with information on how to choose a web host -

Check out some of the links below which give you listings of possible places to publish your website.


Links to other sites and information on finding space for your website:



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